Thursday, December 28, 2006

Baby steps....

Well....I CAN WALK!!!! Yeah!! I'm so excited! I just went to the doctor today to get an xray and he let me know that my ankle is totally healed and looks great!! So now I can walk on it! Right when I got home I put another shoe on and started training for the 2007 Chicago Marathon....LOL...well not really...;)
It was the weirdest standing for the first time and taking a step after more than 2 months of not walking!! It's amazing what we take for granted! So I'm building up the strength in my foot again...I still had to walk with one crutch tonight like it was a cane but hey, it's a start!!! :)
So this has definitely been an amazing day and I booked my first destination wedding!! So I'm SUPER excited about that!! I have tons more to post about especially about Christmas and stuff..but my card reader just broke on me so I can't download any pictures yet...but I'll get my brother to fix it:)
Also, my sister Natalie's birthday was yesterday!!! YEAH!! She turned 15 years old!! Wow! I'm definitely getting! We went to see the movie We are Marshall for her birthday and it was sooo inspiring but very sad too! I defintely recommend it!!
Well...back to my two month old chores...! The main reason my family is happy that I can walk again is so that I can work now!! lol! Right when I got home my mom had me make dinner then do the dishes!!! No mercy here!!! HAHAH!!! Have an awesome night!! I love you all!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

It's a wonderful life!!!!

WELLL!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Officially here in Chicago!! Yeah!
We just got back from our yearly tradition of driving around town and looking at lights! It's always so much fun but every year our car get's more and more packed with people!! This year it was crazy but still so much fun! We sang Christmas carols that I video taped WON'T want to see those!! hehe! On the way home we stopped to get KK which is also the tradition to get doughnuts...but they decided to be closed tonight!! Gosh! The nerve!! lol! The funniest part is that once we drove in the parking lot and went past the empty drive through about 5 other cars followed us through!! It was hilarious!! Here is a video of it! Sorry about all the talking...there were 9 people in the car! :)
I'm so excited about tomorrow(I guess it would be today now...)! We are waking up super early to open presents then having a bunch of family over for dinner from my dad's side!!
I love you all soooo much and I hope you have a seriously AMAZING Christmas!!
PS....that really exciting thing that I posted about yesterday will hopefully be ready by the day after got just a little delayed:)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Andrew David or David Andrew?? for the final spotlight of my family it goes to my brother Andrew! :)
Andrew I am so happy to call one of my best friends even though he is soooo much taller than me and can totally beat me up!!! lol! We are two years apart but everyone thinks he is for sure older than me and I can totally understand that! He has wisdom and maturity way beyond his's really awesome when I can come to my younger brother for advice! Humbling but so awesome because I know that he is going to go so far with that! Andrew is AMAZING at almost everything, basketball, playing the guitar, anything to do with the computer(he makes me look smart with all this technology), and attracting the ladies. LOL....which I love to just link arms with him sometimes while we're out just to scare the girls off!! jk;) He is the best younger(who acts older)brother I could have!!
Sooo... *drum roll please*
Here is his **slideshow**
I'll hopefully be posting something REALLY special tomorrow so stay tuned!!!!:)
Ps..Also with the title...Andrew was actually David for the first couple hours he was born and then my parents switched it around a little...haha!

I LOVE this time of year!!!

The past couple days have been so much fun!! My friend Sarah Chellappa who used to work for me is in town from school! So the past couple days we've been hanging out and it been way to much fun because all we do is laugh the whole time!! lol! It's great! On Thursday we went downtown Chicago to meet up with her friend Chris! We just kinda wandered around, ate at Due's Pizza(Which is Uno's)and at Four Seasons for dessert! It was a blast! That night we headed back to Sarah's house and ate Filipino food for Sarah's dad is from India so whenever people come over he teaches them to eat with their hands like they do in India!! It's awesome! I had never done it so I tried it and it was harder than I thought!! Especially with rice noodles!! Thankfully I don't have any pictures of that because it was kind of a mess!! LOL!
Then last night we went to Sarah's parents 25th anniversary party! It was so special!! And I think the most awesome part was that they did a dance where all the couples who had been married 25 years or more to come up and there were 8 couples!! I thought that was just so awesome when you hardly ever see that much commitment anymore these days!! So incredible!

Well....enough typing!! I have to head out to finish my Christmas shopping!! I've never done last minute shopping and I did some yesterday took me 45 minutes JUST to get out of the parking lot!!! lol!! Definitely the most wonderful time of the year!!! haha!!
I love you all!!
PS...I have NO clue what I'm doing in that top picture....I think it was just taking to long to take the picture so I had to take my anger out on someone!!! LOL!! jk;)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Natalie Joy!! on to more pictures!! :)
We were pretty much running out of time for more photoshoots before Christmas so my sister just wanted me to put up her senior pictures! Which we took a little earlier this year and I guess we never posted!! lol!
Natalie is amazing! When she was first born I remember sitting and holding her for about 3 hours! I wouldn't give her to anyone else because she was MY sister! hehe!
She has now grown up into a beautiful young lady and I love her so much! She always loves to hang out with my friends and I which I don't always mind because she is definitely sometimes 14 going on 35!! lol! She is amazing at anything to do with office manager type stuff and has memorized basically every phone number in the phone book!! Craziness! When she gets older she wants to do wedding planning and be a wife and a mother! How great is that!! Especially the wedding planner deal!! Then we could work together!! Here is her slideshow **click here** to see her slideshow!
I love you all!! Have an amazing day!
PS. Also, she is the one that I started the "Dear Natalie" blog for! Check it out!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Creativity, entrepreneurship, and blogging.

Those are definitely some of my favorite words!
I just got an email from my uncle letting the whole family know that he was quoted in Business Week! **Click Here** for the article!
The article is all about creativity as an entrepreneur and being able "notice" the needs in the marketplace! I think that is one of the most important things to be able to do and when you have the time to sit down, think and brainstorm about different possibilities it is amazing what you can come up with! I remember doing brainstorming all the time when I was little with our family. We could never cut down an idea we just had to write it down. Because the negativity would block the creativity! The other night I had to come up with 4 concepts for a photoshoot that I have to do. I just sat down got quiet, started to think and pray and came up with about 8 really fresh new concepts for this photoshoot that I hadn't thought of before! Just from taking that time to think and not cutting down any idea but developing it! It's really alot of fun too...and I got so excited that I could hardly fall asleep! Well that same technique can be applied with coming up with new products for the marketplace that you have "noticed" a need for! So fun! I know! I'm definitely a geek in this area but I have always loved starting businesses and stuff so you'll have hang with me! LOL!
Also, I love blogging! It seriously has changed the way I run my business and it is always so much fun to hear the most randomest people come up to me and say "omg I read your blog everyday!! I know everything that is going on with you!!" lol! It's awesome! But the power of blogging is amazing too! This whole post wouldn't be up here if it wasn't for that, cause my uncle was just quoted in that article from a comment that he made on someone's blog!!!
The other day I was answering one of those questionnaire things and it asked if I could live in any time period when would it be?? Well my answer was definitely RIGHT NOW!! This is such an amazing time to live in!! :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Some more of my favorite things!

I realized that I haven't done "My favorite things" post in awhile so I figured I'd do another one! :)As Christmas is getting closer and closer and I'm stuck in the house alot with most of my work finished I have been finding creative things to do...LOL! Like read, watch you tube, and hang out with my family.

1. The Long Tail!

My friend DJ recommended this book to me and I just started reading it a couple weeks ago and it's great!! It is basically talking about the possibilities of e-commerce and selling on the internet. Also, how so many people focus on the big "hits" when there is huge money to be made in even the "non hits" when they all add up! A VERY interesting read! :)

2. MST3K

Whenever I ask people if they have seen this they are always like "huh??" Which I never understand because I remember seeing it on tv all the time when I was little. Anyways it stands for "Mystery Science Theater 3000" It is one of the funniest and stupidest shows ever! Basically it is this guy and two robots sitting watching these old B rated movies that are so cheesy and making the funniest comments during the whole show! It's amazing!! LOL! I found hundreds of episodes on You Tube of it so now we're hooked! haha! (disclaimer: some of the comments might be a little crude so you have to watch out:)

3. My brother John!
I just love him so much and it was his 9th birthday yesterday which is crazy since I watched him being born!! He was actually born on the same day the Wright brothers flew their plane for the first time! And the funny thing is that he has wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember!! How funny is that! :) If you didn't get to check out his slideshow from a couple days ago **click here**

4. Pictage!!!
I seriously love them! I don't think I would be in the photography business anymore if it wasn't for them! I would be so over my head with orders and fulfillment and printing that I wouldn't have any time for shooting! One of the things that I have really enjoyed reading the past couple days is my friend DJ's blog where this HUGE debate is going on about whether or not Pictage is good or not...**click here** to read it! It's hilarious and gotten so huge but I have no question about it! I just got a huge check in today from them and am ready to SHOP rather than fulfill orders:)
I love you all!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Now I see why birds fly south for the winter!

Obviously they are smarter than us!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Who needs a studio??

The other night we went to a ladies tea that my sister and her friends put on for our church! It was alot of fun and my friend Rebecca and I mostly hung out in the family room and just played piano most of the time(you DO NOT want to hear!) and ate. At one point I totally just got in the mood to do a photoshoot(happens every once in a long while;) so Rebecca and I just did one right there in their front foyer!! Too fun!

My brother Andrew who was there to do "Valet" service found this freaky paddle!! Ugh...reminded me of the good old days!! LOL
I hope you all are doing great and enjoying all the holiday parties and shopping!! Speaking of shopping...I haven't even thought about that!!! ahh!!! :)
Have an amazing day!! I love you all!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

1st photoshoot!!!

Well..not really..but it was my first real photoshoot that I did since I broke my ankle!! lol!
I got a call from Cristy a couple weeks ago saying that she would love for me to come and do a photoshoot of her and her sisters! I thought it would be a blast so on Thursday my brother Andrew, Jake, and I all headed out to St. Charles to do the shoot!
We had such a great time! We originally had planned to do the shoot outside but it was like 12 degrees so we decided to do it inside instead but I loved their house so that was no problem at all! This was such a beautiful family too! So that tied together with a great backdrop and having an awesome time with everyone made for some fun pictures! Here is the **slideshow**!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

John Emmanuel's John's turn!! :) He has been begging me for the past week for his photoshoot! He even helped me put the slideshow together and everything!
John is 8 now and it is crazy to think because he was always the baby of the family then 3 years ago Oli showed up then Jules! He has always been my buddy and he loves to just come and sit next to me and talk while I'm working:) I love it! He is definitely the more quiet one in the family(If that is possible! lol!) but he is definitely the most sensitive to peoples needs! It's so great! He loves playing with legos and wants to be a pilot when he grows up! I think he will be an AMAZING pilot because he is very attentive to details!
John I love you!
Here is his **slideshow** Enjoy! He picked out the music too;)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The many faces of Mark Barlow

So to continue with the photoshoots of my brothers and sisters we move onto my brother Mark. (My brother John has been begging for a photoshoot but he was gone yesterday so I did Mark first)
Now Mark has always been the "different" one in the family. LOL He is a huge ball of energy and is just like the energizer bunny that never runs out!
He loves to take things apart all the time. I think he could probably do anything he wants in life and be amazing at it.
When he was little he would say and do the funniest things that we would call "Mark Classics" some of the included putting a cassette tape in the toaster and turning the toaster on; sitting on the toilet seat backwards; carving his initials in the toilet seat THEN denying it!! Most of the funny things that he did did revolve around the toilet because that used to be his second home and would spend hours in there everyday just reading! HAHA!
Some of the funny thing he said when he was little is: "Why didn't Adam and Eve just eat the snake??" "If God is eternal than how old was Jesus when he was born?"
Yeah...definitely the different one..but we love him!! :)
Here is his **slideshow** Enjoy!

Monday, December 04, 2006

A very entertaining weekend!

So this past weekend I had a blast! On Saturday night I went to see the new movie "The Nativity Story" and it was really good! It is so cool to see these different Bible storys acted out in a NON cheesy way! So it was awesome to see that they pulled that off!
Last night I went to a Superchick, Santus Real, John Reuben, Last Tuesday, and Made Avail concert! It was seriously amazing! It was the last night of the tour so everything was crazy! The tradition is that the different artist totally play jokes on the other artists while they are performing!! It was hilarious(as you will see in the slideshow!)
I don't remember the last time I went to a concert that I had to pay for so this was a little weird to be on the "fan" side but it was such a blast! Check out the **slideshow**
Have awesome Monday!! :)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dressed up like eskimos!'s about 27 degrees out right now and this is about the time that I start questioning why I live in!
Yesterday it was about 65, then winter hit! And I guess it's supposed to really snow tonight which will be beautiful:)
I have had a very productive week this week with my best thing being that I got my cast off!!! Yeah! I'm really excited to be able to see my leg again!! lol!
I still have to be on crutches for 4 more weeks but I'm ok with that!
Now that I finally have caught up on most of my work, I got to do a little shopping today with my friend Debbie! Although, we didn't really shop, most of the time we just tried on these crazy eskimo hats and took pictures! Now I get to sit back and read my new book, The Long Tail, and wear my new slipper/socks that I got...on BOTH FEET!!! yeah! :)
I love you all!! Enjoy the...INDOORS!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The family slideshow!

Well I've spent the past couple days just getting caught up from last week and answering emails! It's been super fun!! lol!
I just finished the slideshow from our family reunion photoshoot! It's a fairly small one that I made for the family but thought some of you may want to watch it too:) **click here** for the slideshow!
Have a wonderful night!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A time for craziness and a time for rest.

Well, we just finished our family reunion last night by going out and celebrating my grandma's 70th birthday! It was great!
We had a fun time the past couple days hanging out with our cousins that we never see and my aunts and uncles! It was awesome! I just got back from the gym because we ate SO MUCH!!! LOL! My mom is from a family of four sisters so all they do is talk and we just sit back and laugh hysterically because usually no one even makes sense but at least they are speaking their mind!! hehe!
Here is a little **slideshow** of Thanksgiving day, we had dinner then went to the lake! It was gorgeous! My cousin Callie, Natalie, and I all were kinda bored while the guys were playing football so we did little photoshoots all around the park. Enjoy!
PS..I'll post pics from the BIG photoshoot hopefully tomorrow:)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Calm before the storm.

So today has been a great day of pretty much just chilling...we have been running around everywhere the past couple days getting ready for Thanksgiving! We are having Thanksgiving dinner at our house with my mom's whole family which will be a total of 25 people which is not that much thinking that our family alone counts for almost half of that with 9! LOL!
Since everyone is coming from out of state it is a little family reunion too which should be a blast! I'll post some pics if I'm able to take any! I'm recruited to take the family picture on Friday so we'll see how that goes with my crutches and a timer on the camera...HAHA!!
I love you all and am soooo incredibly thankful for you too!!!
Ps. A monumental moment happened..I actually posted on the Dear Natalie blog if any of you girls...(or guys) want to check that out!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Oli

Ok so I guess I'm on a roll here! I did a little photoshoot for my sister Olivia yesterday and she is just so adorable! I'm a little biased but I think she is the cutest 3 year old girl ever! hehe!
I really need to shoot her more often cause she is so stinking photogenic!
She actually JUST got potty trained last week...I think she still liked the attention or something that she might have been lacking since JuliAnna came along...LOL!
She is into everything Hello Kitty and American girl dolls! So precious!
Here is her slideshow **click here**
I love you all!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Jules

Hey everyone!!
Now that I'm done with the wedding season I decided it was probably time to catch up with shooting my brothers and sisters!! hehe! I've gotten so busy that I haven't even taken the time to shoot them much:(
Last night I got out my camera and took some shots of my baby sister JuliAnna, who is getting soooo big BTW!! I can't believe it!
Being in a really big family has it's pluses like having a zillion different nicknames! Some of JuliAnna's are(I have NO clue how she got some of these...)- Jules, Shuzette, Shuzette Unuf, The Shooze, Shooze de booze!!
She get's so much lovin and her favorite thing to do is listen to the ringtones on the kids cellphones while she's sucking on it. LOL!
Here is a little slideshow of her **click here**
Enjoy and have a great rest of the weekend:)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hackers?? :)

Yeah..I just got up to do something and when I got back I checked my blog and I guess my sister Natalie got inspired to speak her mind...LOL! yeah,
I hope you all are having a great week! I haven't had any photoshoots in the past couple weeks because of my leg but I guarantee you that when this cast comes off I will be shooting my heart out:) hehe!
We have been really productive the past two days and finished editing 4 weddings!! That's a world record I think! lol!
Love you all!!!

I love my sister soooooooooooo much!:)

OMG!!!!!!!! SARAH IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pharaoh Pharaoh!!

When I was at my aunt and uncle's house the other night they got out the old home videos and it was sooooo hilarious to watch! One of the videos I just had to record with my little camera cause it was so funny!! I used to LOVE to put together dances and plays when I was little. This dance was the most popular one...I think we did a world tour of it! HEHE!! At the end is my dad doing his spinning guitar trick..LOL Enjoy!

Monday, November 13, 2006

I love my life!!!!

Well I just got back late last night from Nashville! I had such an amazing time! I SERIOUSLY have the best family and friends!! Saturday morning I headed over to Belmont University to hang out with my friend Sarah Chellappa who used to work for me! She is amazing! The whole day Saturday we went to the filming of a talk show called The Logan Show. It was alot of fun and we got to see a ton of great bands!! By far my favorite was an upcoming artist named Josh Wilson. He was amazing and was like a one man band with his guitar and pedals.
Saturday night we met up with my friend Brianna who is absulutely amazing!! We sat talking at Chili's for 3 hours but could have talked all night long!
I never went to college so Sarah was determined to give me the full college experience so we stayed up til 4:30 just hanging out!! It was great!!
Sunday I got to spend some time with my grandparents at the Opryland hotel which is INCREDIBLE!!! It so massive it has like 3 atriums and probably 15 restaurants!! Amazing!
I'm so glad to be back and get caught up with all my work!!
Love you all!!! Sarah
PS. Sorry I wasn't able to take any pictures because I accidently left my little camera on the shuttle to Nashville:( Thankfully they found it!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Tennessee is gorgeous!!

I had so much fun at OSPS!! Here is a little recap..
DJ and I got in Monday night and headed right over to dinner at a really sweet Sushi place where the whole group actually booked out the whole restaurant!! It was craziness but so much fun!
Afterwards we went to the Nudd's studio that they just moved into! And it was so incredible! It is seriously my dream to have a place like theirs!! So awesome!

(Here is a picture of me and one of the many invalids there, Ginger! It was so crazy cause their were about 5 of us who were limping or had casts!! Crazy!)
The next day was filled with classes and good food!! And that night we went out to a great restaurant where I got to meet Amber and Nathan Holritz's kids who are the cutest ever!!! Here is Austin who is getting trained verrry young how to be a photographer:)

So much fun!!! I can't wait to see everyone again soon!!! The week was way to short but so awesome!
Now I'm in Nashville and I just got back from going to The Melting Pot with my aunt Wendy. It was so amazing and we were just sitting there after eating feeling like our stomachs got a massage it was so incredible!! hehe!! Tomorrow I'm heading out to see my friend Sarah Chellappa who used to work for me. She goes to school down here and I haven't seen her in almost forever so that will be awesome!!
Well I'm tired I'll post more tomorrow! Love you all!!
Ps the top picture is my friend Amy Nave and I! I just love her so much!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


So I'm sitting at my aunts house in Chatanooga still in my pajamas and catching up with everyone!!! I love it! I just finished up a couple of amazing days with a ton of my photographer friends here!! We had such an amazing time networking and...eating! lol! The time went by waaay to fast...but it's so amazing the relationships that you can develop in such a short amount of time! :)
I'm heading to back to Nashville tomorrow afternoon and then home on Sunday night.
Sorry I haven't been able to respond to emails! The internet at the hotel and here is wacked up so I haven't been able to get internet on my computer:( I'll respond ASAP!!!
Ok...I'm heading out now with my aunt, she's taking me to get a manicure and pedicure but I think the pedicure we'll get half off;) hehe!
I love you all!!

Monday, November 06, 2006


I just got into Nashville yesterday afternoon! It is so gorgeous down here! I love it! My friend DJ and I flew down here and are heading over to Chatanooga this afternoon for a HUGE photographer get-together!! Should be a blast! I can't wait! It was soooo great having DJ come and help me in the airport! Cause since I'm on crutches it's a pretty hard getting around with a ton of luggage! So it was a huge blessing that he came! Last night we went out with a guy that DJ is working with right now, Max Hsu. We sat and talked for like 3 hours and I learned so much it was amazing!
Ok..well just updating you all on where I am:) The picture of the sunset I stole off DJ's blog he took it from his room but my room has the same view! So incredible!
Love you all!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Roses are red?

Today this guy called with a REALLY strong accent asking me directions to my first I was kinda freaked out..not knowing who it was. Then he said he had flowers to deliver for me!
I have the best assistants in the world! My assistant Jake sent me this AMAZING bouquet as a get well gift! This is seriously the most incredible bouquet I have seen! Especially since it has my favorite flowers in it!! WOW!!!
Thank you again sooo much Jake!! You are as they say....AWESOME!!!!!!! ;)

Well I've had a really great past couple days and am starting to finally get caught up!! YAY!!! I'm so excited! I love you all!!
Oh yeah! - Quote of the day "Jake ROCKS!!!" :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Blu Domain Interview!

Blu Domain - The AWESOME company who created my website interviewed me the other day for their blog! Check it out **here**!!

A good workout!

Well I've finally been able to scoot up the stairs to my office to get some work done which I'm so excited about except I just realized that I have 5 weddings to edit in the next 3 days!! ahh!! Fun times!! Pray for me..cause I might have to pull some all nighters!!;) hehe! jk.
I'm getting pretty strong on these crutches and even though my leg doesn't hurt arms do!! lol!
So yesterday my sister and I finally got out and went shopping with my cousins which was so much fun!!! I made it on crutches for about the first hour or so then finally had to humble myself and get a wheel chair!!! AHHH!! LOL It was actually really fun! We almost had a couple accidents with it but my cousin finally got the hang of after awhile...
We had so much fun especially since everyone was trick or treating in the mall..
my cousin told one of the guys in the Apple store that my whole cast and wheelchair thing was my halloween costume and we're so hardcore that we actually broke my leg for the outfit! HAHA!!! yeah...
Ok...back to work! Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive...just in the cave right now..:)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thoughts :)

Proverbs 1:5 – The wise also will hear and increase in learning and the person of understanding will acquire skill and attain to sound counsel [so that he may be able to steer his course rightly]

I was reading this morning and this verse just totally jumped out at me! No matter how much we know..or THINK we know…we always, always can take advice and wisdom!! I get into this mode a lot where I think I know everything…(which is so dumb! But it's true!)...pride can totally steal from you things that would otherwise benefit you, by saying "Nah! I know everything that I need to know!" or " I don't have to do that RIGHT now.."

Really it's the smart people that say that they don't know much and they accept advice or wisdom but the "know it all's" who really won't go far because there is only so far you can go on your own!

I hope you are all having a great weekend! I am!! Rediscovering how to take a shower on my own…and driving my car!!! YEAH!! Hehe!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

How am I ever supposed to get work done?

Ok so I just saw this on my friend DJ's blog and it's just so cool I had to get it too!! :) Have an awesome day everyone!! Oh and leave me a message!!!!!!!! :)

PS...OMG!! Right when I was about to post this one of our friends stops by with all her massage stuff and gave me a total massage!! I'm in HEAVEN right now!!! ahh!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Get well soon?

My friend Mark came over for staff meeting and brought a get well slideshow and some sugar free chocolate(haha! since I took off sugar for the month of October:)!
The slideshow is absulutely incredible and I almost cried when I read it!
Here it is...I put it into a Show It slideshow but he gave it to me on photopaper which was so cool!
**Check it out** Thank you so much Mark!!! You're awesome!!! :)


YEAH!!! My new site is up!!! I'm sooo excited about this!! **Click Here** to view it!!
I'm still going to do a couple more updates in the next couple days but here it is!!! Enjoy!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

YEAH!!!! and ouch...

So I've had a pretty great weekend! I had two huge family photoshoots which went really well and I don't really do family's alot but since they were for friends it was so much fun! On Saturday night we finally got to spend some time with my cousins which was seriously so much fun! We laughed the WHOLE night! I love them so much!
Then last night we were at some friends house for dinner and a whole bunch of us went out to play capture the flag which was so much fun...except I got caught and put in the other teams jail.. While I was in jail one of my friends came and was trying to save me but tripped and ran into me so I fell back on my ankle....OUCH!!
Unfortunately I couldn't get up and everyone thought I was laughing...and saying "My butt!!" But I was actually crying and saying "MY FOOT!!" and yeah...well we found out that my ankle broke in two different places:( Soooo I'm in a forced vacation for the next couple weeks!! HEHE!! Which is actually much needed! I'm feeling a TON better too! Which is awesome! Thank you all for your emails and prayers they have REALLY helped!!! I LOVE you all!! :)
PS..Sorry about not having my site up by yesterday...IT IS BEING RELEASED TONIGHT!!!!!!!! Stay tuned!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I LOVE new things!!!

So I'm laying here in bed and realized that I forgot to post on my blog about all the happenings today! Well to start off with I got my brand new camera!! Yeah!! The canon 5d!! I'm so excited about it..and have already put it to good use too! Mark collins and I went out to do a photoshoot this afternoon for our websites and shot a ton of pics on the new camera! It's seriously amazing!
Also..I just finished my new site tonight!! I am so excited about it that I just keep watching it over and over!! Lol! It should be ready to view by tomorrow or Sunday! So stay tuned:) Also.. For those of you who have tried to email me..I will be answering all my emails from this week tomorrow so I haven't forgotten about you!! PS. For those who want to email the address is
Have an awesome night!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A few of my favorite things...

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...hehe!!! Well not really...

Some of my favorite things are:

1. My best friend Rebecca!
Last night I went to the Lyric Opera downtown Chicago to see Rebecca dance in Iphigenie en Tauride. Now when I was little I swore I would NEVER go see an opera since I thought they were just weird!! haha!!! Now I'm really not big on Opera singing but the acting and dancing was awesome!! And it was really modern so I really enjoyed the whole design!! It was so much fun! Plus, afterwards we went out to eat with all the singers so that was great getting to meet them and hang out!

2. Mark Collins' album designs!
Mark just started designing albums and has done a few for me but they are some of the best I've seen!! AND he just let me know today that he just finished his album design site!!! YEAH!! So check it out: Design by Mark Collins Sooo incredible!

3. Southwest Airlines!
They are just THE BEST!!! I seriously love them so much! On my way back from LA a couple months ago I stayed a little longer because the flight I was supposed to be on was overbooked so they gave me a nice big voucher for another flight+some all my I lost it!!! haha! But I called them and they gave most of it back! Then today when I was booking another flight and totally screwed it up, called them and they fixed it without any problem! Did I mention that when you call they don't have an automated thing that you have to keep going for hours until you speak to a human...a real person answers right away!! So awesome!! :)

4. Jonathan Adler
Yesterday I was trying to kill some time while I was downtown and I found this realllly cute store called Jonathan Adler!
It has some of the cutest and vintage furniture ever!! I love it! :)
Maybe I'll do these type of posts more often!! Have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Meghan and Andy

On Sunday I did an engagement session downtown for an adorable couple Meghan and Andy. They are soooo cute together!! What makes it even cuter is Meghan is 5'1" and Andy is 6'3"! Which is probably what will happen with me! haha!! I can't wait for their wedding next August it's going to be so much fun! Here is the **slideshow** we did it around Andy's apartment in Lincoln Park which had some gorgeous areas to shoot! Also the song is special request by Meghan and Andy one of their favorites by Van Morrison:) Enjoy!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

One Night with the King

So we just got back from seeing the movie "One Night with the King" and it was soooooo incredible!!! Seriously! It is definitely now one of my favorite movies ever! It is the whole story of Esther which is my favorite bible story anyways so to see it come to life was just amazing!
It seems like the movie industry is really running out of stories for movies to do because they seem to just get more and more cheesy...but we were just talking that there is a whole untouched area of stories that they could make into movies..the bible of course! And make it in a way that everyone can enjoy it!! So AWESOME!! I highly recommend you all to go see it!! Yeah!:) update: The new site should be up by the end of the week we had a little delay with everything but it will be worth it!! Keep checking the blog for updates!!
I love you all!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Ok here is a sneak peak of what the new website will look like. LOL.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The NEW Sarah Anne Photography!!!

So we are getting a whole new look coming up in the next couple days!!!
I'm so excited!!! Unfortunately our main site and slideshows will be down for a little bit because we are switching hosting plans..But don't worry!!! It will be worth the wait!!!!
Can't wait!!!!!! :) I love you all!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I have learned ALOT in the past couple of weeks and it's seriously been amazing...but expensive at the same time!
Some things I have learned:

1. ALWAYS listen to other people's good advice when you know you should and do it right away... (getting another camera, oil change, more cf cards)it saves alot of time and money!...especially when God's telling you to do the same thing!
2. Watch what you say to others because even though you might think it is might really hurt them! Think of others over yourself! I have found that it is so easy to just think about yourself all the time but when you get out and help others first it is soooooo far better!!!! Seriously!!

And amazingly I have been extremely productive the past couple weeks so if you are waiting for an event or album it's coming right up!
Also, there are a bunch of fun changes coming up with Sarah Anne Photography so stay tuned!!
All this to say..I was just going to write....I just love you all so much! :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Amanda and Brendan - So adorable!

On Thursday I shot a rehersal dinner for an adorable couple, Amanda and Brendan!! It was such an amazing night! The whole wedding was taking place down in Wilmington which is awesome because it's just a small little home town! I just shot the rehersal dinner for them since I was already booked the same time as there wedding but they still wanted me to shoot for some time during their weekend which was so fun!!
The dinner was at Amanda's old home that was turned into an amazing bed and breakfast! It was stunning!
I seriously love my job because I get to meet some of the most amazing seeing some incredible architecture really helps too! hehe! ;)
Here is the **slideshow** Enjoy!!!
ps..haha!!! I just noticed after I posted that the two pictures above line up!! That's hilarious because they are two totally separate pictures and I didn't even plan that!! lol!! :)