Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A few of my favorite things...

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...hehe!!! Well not really...

Some of my favorite things are:

1. My best friend Rebecca!
Last night I went to the Lyric Opera downtown Chicago to see Rebecca dance in Iphigenie en Tauride. Now when I was little I swore I would NEVER go see an opera since I thought they were just weird!! haha!!! Now I'm really not big on Opera singing but the acting and dancing was awesome!! And it was really modern so I really enjoyed the whole design!! It was so much fun! Plus, afterwards we went out to eat with all the singers so that was great getting to meet them and hang out!

2. Mark Collins' album designs!
Mark just started designing albums and has done a few for me but they are some of the best I've seen!! AND he just let me know today that he just finished his album design site!!! YEAH!! So check it out: Design by Mark Collins Sooo incredible!

3. Southwest Airlines!
They are just THE BEST!!! I seriously love them so much! On my way back from LA a couple months ago I stayed a little longer because the flight I was supposed to be on was overbooked so they gave me a nice big voucher for another flight+some all my I lost it!!! haha! But I called them and they gave most of it back! Then today when I was booking another flight and totally screwed it up, called them and they fixed it without any problem! Did I mention that when you call they don't have an automated thing that you have to keep going for hours until you speak to a human...a real person answers right away!! So awesome!! :)

4. Jonathan Adler
Yesterday I was trying to kill some time while I was downtown and I found this realllly cute store called Jonathan Adler!
It has some of the cutest and vintage furniture ever!! I love it! :)
Maybe I'll do these type of posts more often!! Have a wonderful day!!


OpenSourcePhoto said...

Fun post! :)

....and Southwest is a brilliant airline...that is super impressive that they actually answer their phones (that sounds funny but it's true) Very cool!

becca said...

hey sarah thanks for coming to see me I had a great time! Did you only take 1 pic? cause I would like to see more if you have them.Lots of love

Debbie Garon said...

5. Debbie Garon....

lol come on wheres the love sarah!! hahaha