Monday, November 13, 2006

I love my life!!!!

Well I just got back late last night from Nashville! I had such an amazing time! I SERIOUSLY have the best family and friends!! Saturday morning I headed over to Belmont University to hang out with my friend Sarah Chellappa who used to work for me! She is amazing! The whole day Saturday we went to the filming of a talk show called The Logan Show. It was alot of fun and we got to see a ton of great bands!! By far my favorite was an upcoming artist named Josh Wilson. He was amazing and was like a one man band with his guitar and pedals.
Saturday night we met up with my friend Brianna who is absulutely amazing!! We sat talking at Chili's for 3 hours but could have talked all night long!
I never went to college so Sarah was determined to give me the full college experience so we stayed up til 4:30 just hanging out!! It was great!!
Sunday I got to spend some time with my grandparents at the Opryland hotel which is INCREDIBLE!!! It so massive it has like 3 atriums and probably 15 restaurants!! Amazing!
I'm so glad to be back and get caught up with all my work!!
Love you all!!! Sarah
PS. Sorry I wasn't able to take any pictures because I accidently left my little camera on the shuttle to Nashville:( Thankfully they found it!!


Garrett Nudd Photography said...

You are too precious Sarah :) Just know that we read your blog, just don't get to comment on it too often. One of these days, Garrett and I are going to have to take you out to dinner and TALK and have quality time, since we never get to :( We'll visit Chi-town sometime soon hopefully :) Thanks for coming to OSPS :)


Debbie Garon said...

hello love!!! I'm glad youre back! I'm planning on goin to church on sunday so i better see you there or else! hehe We need to get together and do something fun asap! I start college on monday :) I love you!!! Cant wait to see you!

Debbie Garon said...

Hey umm i 4got i will be @ church on wednesday night so u better be there too:) Also since i couldnt get into my old blog for some odd reason i made a new one....just click on my name to see it:) love you!

Jasmine said...

I've always wanted to stay at that hotel!! How cool! Good to hear you're having fun!

Sarah Barlow said...

Joy!! Oh!! It was so great to see you!! I miss you so much! We FOR SURE have to get together!! Yeah any time your in Chicago let me know and we can go get some Chicago style pizza!! :)

DEBBIE!! I love you too!

Jasmine!! I KNOW!! I want to stay there too!! It is beyond amazing! Miss you girl!

amynave said...

Have I told you lately that I miss you:) Glad you made it home safe and sound.