Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Okkkk so I was a little jealous...

So last week a TON of my friends all headed out to Vegas for a huge photography conference called WPPI...I unfortunately couldn't go because of lots of things going on here in leaving for the Dominican Republic while it was going on!
A whole bunch of my past interns all met up and roomed together for the week and I was so very sad that I couldn't be with them and all their craziness! Several of them had never met and I knew they would hit it off great...well apparently they did cause two of them...Jamie Delaine and Kristen Leigh had an interview together by Andrew and Adam Smith! It's a brilliant after watching it and wishing I was friend Alicia and I decided to do a little parody of it just so we could at least feel a little bit like we were there...check out their video and then ours! I know I know...we should really be actresses...EVERYONE tells me...;)

Jamie Delaine & Kristen Leigh: WPPI from Andrew PC Smith on Vimeo.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dominican video blog...:)

From everyone who requested one of the good ole' videos from the it is!!!! :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dominican Republic trip #4!

Wow. I CAN NOT believe this is my 4th trip down here to the DR! I definitely fall more in love with place each time I come down! I honestly want to own a place here someday! It's just the perfect mix of beauty, culture, and "roughing it"! Ah. There is not enough I can say about it that I haven't already said before. Each year I've come for a longer and longer time. 1 week, 10 days, 3 this time back to the shortest I've come for....just a week! I didn't realize how much my schedule had filled up when we were planning this so this was the only window that I could do it but I'm SO glad we were able to work it out! 

-Some of you may not no why I'm here or are recent blog readers but the reason I come down here is my aunt and uncle run an incredible school here in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic for teenagers from the US who are dealing with hard issues and provide counseling and healing for them. I get to come down every year to shoot senior pictures for them and LOVE it!-

I'm coming down at NOT the most opportune time as there have just been a bunch of layoffs at the school, one of the old students who I had shot last year's senior pictures for just got in a horrible car accident and was killed, and my cousin was just in a motorcycle accident and broke his leg in two places!! Complete and utter craziness, but I really feel like I am supposed to be down here right here right now to be able to support my aunt and uncle and the old student's girlfriend, Alicia, who is one of my dear friends and just came down here to recuperate after the tragic accident last week... plus I get to room with her! 
I have never dealt with horrible loss like these have and I don't know how to comfort them like they probably need... but to be able to just be down here and to at least bring a little joy in the bleakness is I think why I'm here! :) I'm here until Tuesday and have 14 senior shoots to do, 5 family shoots, and all the yearbook photos to do! I'm excited to be able to be part of the ministry year after year and to see all they do to help these teenagers down here with the direction and support that they need! I hope you all are having a beautiful day! I'll post more pics soon...but right now I'll leave you with one that Alicia and I did to my cousin Richard to brighten his day...I'm not sure it did the job or not...but it made us laugh;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The not so slow season...

Usually it being winter it's the slower season for a photographer but that's been everything but true this winter! It's been pretty much non-stop the whole time which I's been nice in the transition down here for it to not be too crazy quiet as from what I'm used to(living with 9) that would be a crazy adjustment! ha! 

From traveling a ton, a bunch of house guests, and several's kept me quite busy! Sooo right now to add to cousins have been in town! I've missed them so much but right now they are down here to record so I get to hang out with them 2 months straight which is WONDERFUL cause they are seriously my best friends ever! The beginnning of their time here I was able to hop on their bus for a couple tour dates which I'll post photos from that soon! But right now onto the more fun stuff! BOWLING! It's pretty much the past time down even though I've played about 5 or 6 games in the past couple weeks I'm still horrible. Like h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e. to the max....this was actually a recent discovery as I had never bowled without bumpers before now. Ohhh yes...the benefits of being the oldest of 7;) So I had to learn all over again....of course shooting more pictures than anything...Here's from our fun night and a cool light area that we found afterwards!
-Here is my cousins little dog Penny that I dog sat a couple weeks ago...gosh I want a puppy sooooo bad!-

Beka Hardt the Bowler extraordinaire.

My cousin Alyssa and I...the only ones in the family "blessed" to still be the height of a 12 year

Nathan Lee my cousins awesome friend and phenomenal artist!

Guess which one is my score???? ;)

SUCH fun times!!! Gosh I need to blog more...can someone please be my blog police or something...I sometimes forget about it;) lol!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

THE Interns Update!

WOW. Well we are more than half full in the 35 spots that are available this year in the intern program!! I am seriously overwhelmed in the response as this year it is a big jump from having only 7 last year, but with now having my own place and scalling back on the number of weddings I'm shooting I have more time to focus on this as I truly love this the most of anything that I do! It's so fulfilling to see people come into there callings and full potential and the excitement that they have makes me want to do a 1000 internships! ha!
If you are still wanting to sign up now is your chance as I'm getting new sign ups every couple hours!
I love you all!! I'll keep you up to date on all this fun stuff!

PS...I'm not quite sure what Jamie is doing in the picture above, I think she is just so excited for the internship that she just wants to clap or something...

Friday, February 06, 2009

THE Interns 2009

Wellll it's finally that time of year! After a week of working on the site(which btw was SO fun to make with Showitsites!!), months of planning out what I want to do, and years of learning photography. It's finally ready for you!!
I really more excited about this program than pretty much anything else right now. It's truly my passion to see others come into their full purpose and to see how they walk that out is one of the most fulfilling things ever! I have developed some of the best friendships over the years from this program I wish I could do it all the time! Soooo I present...The
I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to see what amazing times and new friends this year holds!!

PS...if you have already submitted your life story re-apply on the register page....just write in the story part that you already sent! :)

PSS... last year the program filled up in a day. Don't be left behind!!! :)