Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sinead Burgess

Back about a month ago my friend Ben and I were planning on getting together to plan his brother Stephen's birthday party... he walks in and in walks this tall Australian girl right behind him who had recruited for the party planning committee as well. I had met her before briefly but after this afternoon of party planning for about half an hour and the rest of the hours laughing, talking in accents, exchanging music and drinking tea we became fast friends. I knew we were destined. ha! She is one of the sweetest people I've met with such an amazing heart and already one of my great friends even after just a few weeks!
Sinead is an incredible musician back in Australia as well and is here to record her album which she just finished! I KNOW the album is going to blow peoples minds! I'm sad to be loosing her back to her Aussie state next month but I'm soaking up every minute that I have while she's here! Of course one of the ways to do that is do a photoshoot which she was gladly willing to model for the internship this past month! Gah! One of my favorite photoshoots ever for sure. Check out the beautiful Sinead Burgess below!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Alison Parson

Two internships ago I finally got to shoot my beautiful friend Alison Parson! We've been talking about doing a shoot for forever and finally the stars aligned for it to happen and boy am I glad it did! Definitely one of my favorite shoots! She is such a classic beauty and for a second I thought I was back in the 50s cause she just has that look sometimes. Gosh I love it. Alison is an awesome musician as well as being awesome at modeling! Check out here music **here**!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alyssa & Jarred ::: Engagement

A couple internships ago I talked to my past bride Shana to see if she knew of anyone who would be a great couple to model for us! She immediately sent me a list of people who would be great to shoot with! She later said she thought Alyssa and Jarred would be just the fit and they WERE! They were so adorable together had such a beautiful love for each other that was so evident throughout the whole shoot that it made it impossible to get a bad shot...not to mention how beautiful they themselves are!! I'm so excited for them getting married next month! I know they will have an AMAZING future together.
Check out the pics!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chicago, interns, traveling ::: Update on life!

This next week I am moving out of my place in Nashville and packing everything up to travel for a few months! I am super super excited about getting up and going! I'll still be completely based in Nashville but have had so many places I've wanted to go lately that I just decided now was the time to do it! I'll be posting all about the places I go to! It'll be exciting! In the meantime though I still wanted to offer internships as I get requests for it all the time!
I just released one in Chicago as I'll be going back there a lot this summer! The date is July 29th-August 3! I'm super excited about it! Check out the intern site for more info!! Can't wait to get back there for a bit and visit my family(especially my sisters-ABOVE) as well as make new intern friends!!

Also, as I'll be back in Chicago a lot in July and August I'll be open for weddings, photoshoots, mentoring sessions! Contact me on my site if you want to schedule something!
I'll also be going to California, Colorado, New York, and possibly Seattle so all of the above is available for those places as well!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sarah & Andy ::: Engagement ::: Chicago

I met Sarah...well I don't even remember I think I've just always known her! ha! She used to teach my class in children's church when I was little and was always so sweet! I totally looked up to her at that young age:) We reconnected a couple years ago through our passion for photography as she works at a studio near her house in Chicago! Then last month she asked if I could shoot her engagement pictures as she had found the one! We shot all around there house in Crystal Lake as well as in their kitchen which is where he proposed while they were renovating it. Such a labor of love. I'm soo excited for her and Andy as I know they will have such a beautiful life together. Check out there pics here! And the **slideshow HERE**