Thursday, May 13, 2010

New internship dates!

Well.... just released a June internship date! I had so many requests for them that the first one(June 16-21) is almost full just from the past inquiries so I decided to put out another date to see if there is more interest! June 25-30th! More info on the website! interns.sarahbarlow! Check it out! Hope you all are having such a beautiful day!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Sawyers ::: Family

While in the Dominican I did a shoot for the beautiful Sawyer family! This is always one of the big highlights of my year everytime I go down there! The kids are allowed to pick out whatever outfit they would like as long as it's solid colors and they always show up looking like they walked out of a story book! It's just way too precious! Plus they are just such genuine and loving people such an amazing example! I want to be them someday!

Friday, May 07, 2010

THE interns ::: April 2010

Wow what an internship... this past one was the first time doing the whole internship in 6 days. It was JAM packed with learning, crazy parties and music video making as well as tons of laughing, sitting by the pool and playing games. This was a full internship with 4 amazing beautiful girls that all got along so well and were all near the same age which made things flow really great! I loved how much they helped each other out, which is just the way to start their business: in an others focused mindset! I love it! I know these girls are going to rock the photography community with there fresh perspective and personalities! I’m sooo excited for what the future holds!

Megan Menke -
One of the youngest in the group at only 16, is so full of life and style! I loved it! The minute we met I KNEW I would love her! She has such a flare for the way things should look it just comes way too natural..I’m completely jealous! From the way she would take pictures, to the way she posed during her own photos, and the way she dressed all had a signature Megan-ness about it. I LOVE it! Plus having such a beautiful heart that people can connect with well is an amazing thing to see! I know if she pairs all these things together in the future business, which I know she’ll have no problem doing, she’ll be flying all over the place someday! So proud of this girl and the impact she is going to make in the world. Check out her blog ***HERE***

Kristen Booth -
Ohh Kristen. Definitely made me laugh from the moment she got in the car at the airport. Full of crazy personality even when she wasn’t feeling good she kept us entertained the whole time. From her ability to write rap songs right on the spot to her awesome modeling techniques of balancing 3 different personalities and not coming out of character once even when we were all buckled over laughing. I know these talents she has will greatly help her business in the future in putting people at ease and getting them to be themselves! She has such a passion for photography and wants to do it at her very best she possibly can. I love to see her heart for it, it inspires me. Kristen I miss you! Come back soon!! Check out her blog ***HERE***

Shannon Morse -
Shannon the oldest one of the bunch, just a day younger than me, was such a great addition to the group! The minute we all looked at her photography she was accepted...;) Watch out Annie Lebowitz! ha! Shannon has worked in videography for awhile and decided to make the transition to photography. She definitely made the right choice as her eye for it is incredible and her heart for people, as well, is amazing. Her randomness and sarcastic-ness Kristen and I would just roll with and had 10 minute conversations about crazy far out things that never happened but since we could all keep a straight face we did, until we would break down into laughter. I love that side of her. She has such a great mind for business but a great fun side as well which will be such an awesome balance for life in the future as an amazing business woman! I’m excited to see her thrive! Check out her blog ***HERE***

Kay Tanner -
Kay was the first to get in so we had the whole afternoon to really get to know each other before the others came in which I loved! She helped me get all the last minute finishes on the internship stuff and had such a great servants heart through it all. Kay has such a precious spirit about her. More quiet but sometimes not!! I loved seeing her break out laughing hysterically at random times also. It made my day. Her desire to really learn and grow and to really figure things out until she fully understood is such an awesome attribute. She shares a photography company with her sister...her being the younger one but even at 16 showing such maturity and confidence in it amazed me. I know she will go so far being wayyy farther ahead than I ever was at that age she is going to blow people away...especially with those random times of laughter..;)
Check out her blog ***HERE***

The last night is always the craziest as we're all done with work and it's time to let it all out...most internships it ends up being a crazy video or photoshoot! This one ended up in a music video crazily!! ha! All the gangster names and styles were picked at random from playing a version of apples to apples that we made up where whatever card you picked would be your name. Just like things like that end up...craziness happened.