Friday, December 16, 2011

Korey ::: Fashion

Several weeks ago I did a shoot for Macs|Amax model Korey along with the dream team Stephen Schofield as art director and Jazz Davis on hair and makeup it made for quite the amazing day and in the process ended up with some of my favorite new pictures! Korey is about to make the big move to NYC where I know he is going to KILL it in modeling! Keep an eye out for his face!!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Andrew & Kimmy ::: Engagement ::: Santa Barbara

Wellll this is a crazy post for me to do. I do so many different shoots and with each one write a little something about the people that I'm photographing..I have so much content for this one it could be a book. Because it's my BROTHER and his beautiful fiance! Crazy that we're in THAT season of life now...seems like it was just a few days ago that I was chasing him around the house fighting over a calendar & about exactly when his birthday was! ha! But now he's gone off figured out really when his birthday is and a wife as well! So grown up;) He moved out to California last year and about 2 months later called me telling me he had met this amazing girl playing volleyball and they went bowling together...soon after they knew they wanted to get married! Me being the protective older sister was like whooaaa slow it down...but once I met Kimmy and got to know her over this year I fell in love too! They fit each other perfectly, have the EXACT same sense of humor(not sure how that happened, clearly a miracle) and have a beautiful relationship they have created centered around God and amazing purpose. I'm inspired to see it. So excited for their wedding coming up next month in Texas!! Love you both!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Joanna + Alex ::: Wedding ::: Tofino

I headed out to Vancouver earlier last month to help shoot a wedding with the amazing Jamie Delaine! We drove, took a ferry, and drove some more to the northwest part of Vancouver Island for the most beautiful rainy foggy wedding in the little town of Tofino. The couple, Joanna + Alex were super rad and had amazing taste in all the details...! Makes for some fun times shooting! The wedding was supposed to be on the beach but because it rained about 2-3 inches the day before it had to be moved inside but it was no less beautiful with panoramic views of the ocean inside a warm cinnamon roll smelling lodge. It was so cozy yet spectacular with the views! I'm so blessed to be able to travel and visit my friends plus incorporating doing what I love... here are some of my favorites from the day! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rick Seibold ::: Music Editorial ::: West Hollywood

The last trip out to LA I was able to shoot incredible musician Rick Seibold! I heard of his music several years back after a sidebar on FB kept recommending his new single to me because of the music I liked! Sure enough I loved it! Too funny that later on we would become friends and I would be taking his photos! I love how small the world gets! We shot some photos in and around his home & studio in West Hollywood...a day in the life of Rick! Check out his awesome music while you’re at it too!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Gemma Soldati ::: Editorial ::: Los Angeles

I met up with my cousin Gemma while out in LA for a fun afternoon of driving around site seeing and hiking up at Griffith Park. She asked if I could get some head shots of her but in the process I got some laid back photos too while on our trek. She just moved out there and the area fits her and her giftings so well as an actress and comedian! She's one of the funniest people I've ever known so it made this shoot waaayyy too fun... plus she has such a great old hollywood look it made my job quite simple. Check out my favorite pics of her here!