Monday, December 18, 2006

Some more of my favorite things!

I realized that I haven't done "My favorite things" post in awhile so I figured I'd do another one! :)As Christmas is getting closer and closer and I'm stuck in the house alot with most of my work finished I have been finding creative things to do...LOL! Like read, watch you tube, and hang out with my family.

1. The Long Tail!

My friend DJ recommended this book to me and I just started reading it a couple weeks ago and it's great!! It is basically talking about the possibilities of e-commerce and selling on the internet. Also, how so many people focus on the big "hits" when there is huge money to be made in even the "non hits" when they all add up! A VERY interesting read! :)

2. MST3K

Whenever I ask people if they have seen this they are always like "huh??" Which I never understand because I remember seeing it on tv all the time when I was little. Anyways it stands for "Mystery Science Theater 3000" It is one of the funniest and stupidest shows ever! Basically it is this guy and two robots sitting watching these old B rated movies that are so cheesy and making the funniest comments during the whole show! It's amazing!! LOL! I found hundreds of episodes on You Tube of it so now we're hooked! haha! (disclaimer: some of the comments might be a little crude so you have to watch out:)

3. My brother John!
I just love him so much and it was his 9th birthday yesterday which is crazy since I watched him being born!! He was actually born on the same day the Wright brothers flew their plane for the first time! And the funny thing is that he has wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember!! How funny is that! :) If you didn't get to check out his slideshow from a couple days ago **click here**

4. Pictage!!!
I seriously love them! I don't think I would be in the photography business anymore if it wasn't for them! I would be so over my head with orders and fulfillment and printing that I wouldn't have any time for shooting! One of the things that I have really enjoyed reading the past couple days is my friend DJ's blog where this HUGE debate is going on about whether or not Pictage is good or not...**click here** to read it! It's hilarious and gotten so huge but I have no question about it! I just got a huge check in today from them and am ready to SHOP rather than fulfill orders:)
I love you all!!!


OpenSourcePhoto said...

Happy birthday big John! Yea!

Long Tail is brilliant! ...and so is Pictage. :)

Sarah Barlow said...

Yeah I definitely agree! Maybe we should start some sort of debate in this whether KK or Dunkin Donuts is better..LOL!

J@KE said...

KK for sure!!!!! She's the real thing, baby!

Anyway, Hi I'm back...... kinda :-P I've been working all this week so I just got to see what you've been up to. I just watched the "why birds fly south" post........ AWESOME!!!! So funny!!! My dad and I were laughing out loud for a couple minutes. It was great.

John is totally the man, I never heard of that book and MST3K is just outrageous! It's funny (sorta) but there are too many questionable things in it.... (or at least the parts I've seen)

MST3K gets a "funny but wrong" rating from me :-)

See you soon!


Pastor Joe Barlow said...

Thank you Jake! I agree about MST3K
That just alleviates the need for me to bring down the hammer on it.