Friday, November 30, 2007

FREAKY!! dad and friend Beth just called letting me know that the train I was on last night crashed on it's way back to Chicago!!! OMG!! So crazy!!! Thank God I wasn't on that! Here is the **story!**

Amtrak...quite the experience!

I'm am up in Grand Rapids, Michigan right now visiting my best friend Joy and her husband Pete! I'm here to do a photoshoot for one of her friends but it gave me an excuse to come and stay for a couple days too!:) I love it!
Anyways...I was planning on driving up...but I really don't like driving 4 hours by myself it's so lonely and I'd probably fall asleep from boredom! ha! Sooo I decided to have a new adventure...which I ALWAYS love..and take the Amtrak! Joy used to take it all the time before her and Pete got married so I figured I'd try it out!
Let me just say WOW first and get that over with...because the whole experience was just that. haha! The intrestingness..(is that a word?) started when I got off the Metra in Chicago and switch stations for the Amtrak...I walked outside with my bags and this homeless guy came up assuming that I was switching to the Amtrak because of my luggage decided that he would take me to the station! I was pretty freaked out and started walking the way I thought it was but he kept telling me to go down this other street with him...while I was walking we passed by one of his "friends" and he grunted something to him about where he was taking me and I got really scared and almost tried to run...with very little success because of my heavy camera gear and luggage! Finally I told him that I had to go some places before I went to the Amtrak so he thankfully I was fast walking away I kept feeling something hit my leg...I assumed it was one of my bags just hanging low...after walking a little while I turned around to see what it was and found that it was my camera that had fallen out of my bag and was just hanging loosely by the strap and about to fall on the ground!! ahh!! Thank God I saw and and was able to grab it before it fell! Yikes!

Next...after being on the Amtrak train for awhile this guy in front of me starts walking around and talking to his buddy who was behind me then starts talking to me! He was a friendly guy around 18 who I later discovered had been traveling since he was 14 just wandering from place to place and was now going home from Oregon! We talked for awhile with his buddy too then went downstairs to the lounge to wait for our stop and they got out their instruments...a banjo, harmonica, and accordion! All this happening while the conductor is making his own music making bird noises at me! And saying "gorgeous gorgeous" in his thick accent! HA!! I felt like I stepped into and old western movie or something!!! HAHA! Check out the video here! I live in such a sheltered yuppie world that I forget that there is a whole other world out there! It's so fun to see!
What an HILARIOUS experience but isn't this what makes life rich???? I love it.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I could shoot in cornfields ALL day!

Here are a couple favorites from our mini shoot in the corn field on our way to the wedding this past weekend! The clouds were all dark and stormy but the sun managed to poke it's way through which made for some nice dramatic pics! I LOVE it! Too bad I don't live closer to a field like this!

I don't know how Natalie does it..but she just walks around and looks like a supermodel! UGH! ;)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Aimee & Josh

This past weekend Natalie, Andrew and I shot Aimee and Josh's gorgeous wedding! We headed out Friday for a nice little road trip to middle Indiana and saw some sweet sites along the way! We even stopped in the middle of a corn field for a mini-shoot! haha!:)
Anyways..I met Aimee down in the Dominican Republic last time I was down there then received and email from her a couple months ago saying she was getting married!! I was super excited when she asked if I could shoot the wedding for her! Her family really welcomed us in as one of there own I felt so at home it was wonderful!
Aimee and Josh has such awesome genuine hearts! I guess they have to with the jobs that they do! They both work for the same ministry that I shoot for down in the DR, ministering to teens! It's amazing what they do!!
The reception was at a really sweet place called The Mill which is an old converted mill turned into a restaurant...which served soooo yummy Cajun food!! mmm! I love my job!! haha!
Here is the slideshow of their beautiful day!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Beauty sleep...

Ahh! The joys of being 4 again! :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Ahh the holidays!!

It's SO truly the most wonderful time of the year! Once Thanksgiving hits I always just feel so cozy and just want to cuddle up...with a book(lol!)..and enjoy the family and the season! I don't know what it is...but without fail it happens every year no matter what the past weeks and months have been this season always brings such warmth even in the bitter cold! :) I LOVE it!
We had a great low key Thanksgiving yesterday which was wonderful to just stay home and not get out of the pj's all day! So wonderful!!
Now back to work! Andrew, Natalie, and I are heading out today for a wedding tomorrow in Indiana! Should be fun!! I think I'm just going to listen to Christmas music allll the way there! I just love it so much!
Have a wonderful Black Friday you all!! I'm SOO glad I don't have time to shop today! Craziness!! :)haha!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The IV cord just came in the mail today so I can live again!!...well actually my power cord for my laptop..but same thing! lol!!
I had NO clue how much I use this thing to live! I was without my laptop for a week and my friends would call asking if I could get together or clients wanting to book things and I couldn't respond cause I had no idea if I could or not! This thing tells me when and where and with who I'm doing things my life pretty much went on hold until I could get the cord! HAHA!! I have ALOT of catching up to do too! Yikes!! But this computer is going back off tonight and not being turned on for a couple I can enjoy the holiday!! :) So that should be nice!
Soooo what are you all doing for Thanksgiving??? We aren't sure yet...all of our family is out of town...but I guess really doing anything with the immediate family is equal to a party with 9 people! HA!! Should be fun!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We are updating the blog and websites right now so if things are all wacky they should all be straightened out SOON!! Can't wait for you all to see the SWEET changes!! I guess you can see it on the blog already;) far as email power cord for my laptop is shot so I had to order a new one. It should be in today soooo if I haven't gotten back to you I will SOON!!
I love you all!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh so cute!!

My beautiful friend Debbie and her SOOO stinking adorable daughter Brooke came over last week for some pictures! Brooke is now two and a half and this was the first time we did a REAL photoshoot of her! How terrible is that! I need to get better at this friend and taking picture thing! haha!
Anyways...we got tons of adorable pics and it was super hard to pic..but here are a couple!
It's so weird because Debbie and I have been friends since I was born...and now to see her with a little girl is the cutest thing ever! Brooke has one of the best personalities too so that made it an extra fun shoot!

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Love....

Well I've never been in love.....until now...:)
Check out **Liana's post** to see the whole story!!! Tooooo CUTE!!

Dance Rawr Dance!!!

Last night we went to one of the coolest concerts EVER! It was called the Dance Rawr Dance Tour with Family Force 5, Jonezetta, and The Secret Handshake.
One of the reasons I really love going to concerts is you get to hear new bands that you wouldn't normally just go listen to which totally broadens you musical spectrum.... I had never even heard of The Secret Handshake but I think he is going to be one of my favorite artists now! Seriously check him out!!!

Jonezetta totally rocked things and they were alot like Switchfoot mixed with Relient K which is pretty amazing to pull off! hehe!

Family Force 5 though would definitely have to be my favorite! They were INSANE onstage and at one point even got the crowd to form a breakdance circle and had a break dancer from So You Think You Can Dance come and break things down! Amazing!! I definitely recommend seeing any of these bands if they come to your area! And check out their sites!

We didn't shoot any pictures because cameras weren't allowed so we got to fully enjoy the night instead!! :) 
I've always said that I totally want a band to come play at my wedding..LOL...and after hearing Family Force 5 I think I would TOTALLY have them come play at my wedding! What a party that would be!! Ha! :) 
Love you all!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


OMG! We are just finishing up the Business Boot Camp and I feel like a new woman! :) I really have SOOO much more of a grasp on my business over all and even just working my numbers and getting my packages in order has been so refreshing! Math was always my best subject in school so to work on stuff like that has actually been fun!
This afternoon we were sharing our visions and writing down our end of life story and it's so funny cause I think Liana and were separated at birth or something...we grew up doing the EXACT same things and have almost the same end of life story! haha! So we decided that we need to marry brothers or something like that! lol!
I feel so revived and ready to go into this next year of business 100x more prepared than I've ever felt and able to get alot of things off my shoulders:) Sooo exciting!
We ended the afternoon session with wine and cheese which I've never done so that was a great new experience that I think I want to do all the time now!(don't worry mom..I had sparkling grape juice;) haha!
The picture at the top is from a little tiny photoshoot we did for a Lightroom demo...:)
I love you all!! Can't wait to get back and apply everything! YAY!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Atlanta!! :)

I just got to Atlanta today and am sooo excited to be here! I have never been here and after being here only a couple hours already totally love it!! My amazing friend Liana invited me to come and hang out for a little bit and to also go to her Business Boot Camp which starts on Wednesday! I'm so sooo excited about it and even though it's going to be working alot of numbers it is exactly what I have needed for my business because I have just been making it up as I go along...which is not the same way the government goes about things..haha!

I barely made it on my flight this morning and have never cut things this close but left my house about an hour before my flight left...then got to the airport with stopped traffic...then a mile long line for the security! It was crazy and I got on the plane 3 minutes before takeoff!! ahh!! I need to plan a little bit better I guess...even though I did wake up at 4:30am! lol!
Liana and my other friend Sara Harper picked me up at the airport, then this afternoon we headed out for a photoshoot that Liana had...but we were desperately trying to find a place to eat but all we could find after everything was a Waffle House which I had never had so we went in for a bite! It was pretty good and I got my taste of some southern cooking:)
Above is Sara and I in front of the famed Waffle House! haha! Yum yum!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Emmy & Alan

Ahh..I thought I was doing amazing at blogging and had posted everyday for like 6 straight days...then go on the other side of the spectrum not posting at all! oops!
I guess life can catch up sometimes! :)
Yesterday, my sister Natalie and I headed downtown for Emmy and Alan's engagement shoot! I wasn't quite sure about how the weather would turn out...but it ended up being a beautiful overcast, but always fun to shoot in, day!
Emmy and Alan are such sweet people! Yesterday was my first time meeting them and there is just such an easygoing and calm about them that you would never know that their wedding is coming up soon! I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with them and TOTALLY can't wait for their wedding and the reception which is going to be in Emmy's parents orchard! How fun is that?? They rented a tandem bike for the shoot because that is what they did on the day he proposed!! How cute is that! Here is their slideshow!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

What's your end result?

My friend's and I were talking about making money today and it really got me thinking...
What is our end result/goal/focus in our job's and careers? Is it to make more money?

I was looking at my finances last night and started to think...I want to make more money...what can I do to do that? Start up new businesses, do a workshop? But I had to stop. My goal was JUST to make more money which is most certainly not my end goal!
I HEARTILY believe in using your money wisely and making it grow...but when that is my only focus and the reason why I to do that..I'm missing it completely!

When I was little I wanted to be a lawyer, graphic designer, and finally an architect solely because they made alot of money! Finally when I found one of my callings, photography, all the doors started opening up and I was doing it NOT because of the money but because I loved it and because I loved creating beautiful work and seeing people enjoy it!

This generation is SOOOO focused on making more money that we are NOT fulfilling our actual callings! I was driving down the street the other day and saw a lady sitting in her car all raggedy and looking like she hadn't slept in days and realized that she probably is not in her calling and then looked around some more and realized that probably 75% of the people I was driving past were not even in THEIR callings either! Whether they were driving a nice car or not!
They could be driving the nicest car, living in a mansion..yet still not fulfilling what they are called to because just making money is the focus!

If all we focus on is making more money we will literally NEVER be fulfilled! That's why so many people are lacking fulfillment and it's a total rat race because they think that having more things and money will bring that..yet it is never satisfying!

Think about prostitution, on second thought don't..yet they are selling their precious lives away for a couple dollars! That is what we are all trained to do. We litterly sell our lives away for 40 years to make some money so we can retire and die. What kind of life is that? Are we truly wanting to prostitute our lives just for money?

I really feel like if we find out and pursue what we are called to the doors will open for us and the money will follow! That the end result is NOT adding another dollar to the bank account but making a difference and impact in this world! That's why were here anyways right??

What is your end result in your job? If it's making should PROBABLY be rethinking your life...and career! We're not just here to survive....or even to survive well...we're here to fulfill our callings and destinies, and through that we really will change the world!:)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I tried...

...I truly tried. And I STILL don't like coffee! I have never liked it and despite multiple times to try and convert...even ordering and drinking a whole cup tonight of the so-called amazing Pumpkin Spice Latte....I have failed at my attempts and will still remain a non-coffee drinker. I will have to settle for walking through the coffee aisle and sniffing until my mouth waters or making a pot of coffee in the morning JUST for the smell! Such a sad lonely life without it..!
Well to look on the bright least I'll live longer, have more money, stay skinnier without it!;)
PS..I don't think I'm affected AT ALL from caffeine this late at night either;)

Saturday, November 03, 2007


I'm addicted. I must a very strong addiction.
I'm am addicted to to do lists! lol! On my Outlook program there is a whole to do section and every little thing I possibly have to do throughout the day, week, month, year, life. I write it down there, with due dates and everything. The very best part is un-checking the red flag and seeing it disappear! It's up there with probably with the accomplishment of running a marathon...or something like that;)
Well...I've been pretty proud of myself lately in that I'm completely finishing my to do lists for the day!
Not leaving anything to be done for the day so I can actually really relax without anything on my plate! It's AMAZING! I think making a to do list and FINISHING it is one of the most important things...probably next to Godliness!..replacing the cleanliness part of course! ha! jk... But it is really so important seeing where you want to go in this life and map it out then break it down...again as I've always said..into baby steps. I have all my baby steps on this to do list and they are literally getting done because I keep it before me ALL the time! Plus they have due dates on that makes things fun!
Because I got all my stuff done today I'm literally almost totally caught up business wise and next week really only have fun things planned and friends to meet with! How perfect is that! Today was amazing too with very little work...sleep in, work out for 2 hours, and SHOP! Who could beat that?? haha! The top is a picture from our fun shopping trip with some friends:)
I love you all!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Toby Mac.

I have watched Toby Mac since he was in DC Talk and since I was 2! I remember always asking my dad to bring the DC Talk music video home from church and knew most of the words! Who ever heard of children's music?? I went straight the the rock, rap, and pop! lol!
The last night of the tour I realized I hadn't watched his full show yet or gotten many pics! After my cousins show we would just head back to the bus and watch movies or bake....and let my ears rest from being right in front of screamingly loud sub woofers and speakers! lol! But the last night I had to watch the show and let me tell you!! WOW. Yep just wow! lol! Toby's show is one of the most spectacular shows I've seen! There are things going on everywhere and it's kind of like being in Time's Square! So much to watch plus incredible music! Who could beat that!
Plus at the end they all sang the ever so popular and vintage, Jesus Freak, and my cousin Becca got to play along with them which is surreal to her since she listened to that back in high school and DC Talk was the first concert she went to! How crazy is that??
Check out the slideshow!!! :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

BG tour recap!

Well touring life is AMAZING!!! I've gone on the road before with my cousins but never on an actual tour which is crazy! I'm definitely already going through tour withdrawals and seriously didn't want to stop traveling! You get on this fast paced routine and it's exhilarating!! I met so many wonderful and genuine people that I was sad to part! Thankfully I'm pushing for Nashville so I can be around more of this! I just love it so much! My cousin's band, Barlowgirl, is on tour with Toby Mac and Thousand Foot Krutch and I think it was a 30 or 40 city tour...not really sure but it adds up quick! We went to 4 states in 4 days! Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and North Dakota. The venues were packed and close to selling out! One place even had to get a bigger arena because they sold out months ago! Crazy! I shot a couple thousand pics but narrowed it down just a little for a fun slideshow;) Check it out here! I'll post Toby's slideshow tomorrow!

The first night after the concert I walked outside to one of the most gorgeous night skys I've seen! There was literally a rainbow around the moon!! God. Never ceases to amaze me!! Ha!