Wednesday, September 27, 2006

When did you fall...

I just did an engagement session on Saturday for Mary and Tim!
They are just sooo cute together and have such an awesome story of how they met and fell in love! We did the shoot downtown at North Avenue beach which is now one of my favorite places to shoot! I'm soooo excited to shoot their wedding coming up in January!
Here is their **slideshow**
Enjoy! :)

Monday, September 25, 2006

What a weekend!! :)

It has been an awesome and crazy weekend at the same time!!
I had 3 photoshoots which was really fun because since I normally just do weddings it's fun to break away and do something else!
I had two photoshoots on Saturday downtown Chicago!! An engagement session for a really awesome couple Mary and Tim(whose slideshow I'll post tomorrow:) and headshots Tiffany Tapley of P3 Clothing!! It was so much fun and started raining right when we went inside!!! I love this! hehe!
On Saturday night we celebrated my brother Andrew's birthday with a TON of his/my friends(It's so great that we have the same friends!!) Andrew wanted to play football so we headed out to the park to play which was great!!...but it had just almost flooded so it was more like wallowing in the mud!! lol!! I played a little but then resorted to photography;) Here is the **slideshow**
(Caution...may contain some disturbing images...;) hehe!!
Have a great night!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

FINALLY...the moment you've all been waiting for!

Ok....well here is the **slideshow** from Joy and Pete's wedding from last week!!!
It was the most gorgeous wedding ever!! The lighting, the weather, just everything!! Enjoy!!!
PS..this is only a couple(about 80!!) of the pictures...the day was so amazing that it was hard to choose the shots!! BTW...thanks to Jake Preedin and Kevin Von Qualen for all the incredible shots!!!!!! You both are the best!!!

Friday, September 22, 2006


Last post was confirmed when I went downstairs and saw THIS..on our kitchen table!!!!! LOL!!!

White and Nerdy!

Here is a **video** that I just saw that is just soooo hilarious!! I love it! And sadly it's so true! haha! Last night we went bowling for my brother Andrew's birthday. Andrew, Natalie, and I went at like 10pm and when we got there we asked for bumpers...I thought the lady was going to pass out she was so shocked we asked for them...of course no one else in the building had them, but we're secure in our white and nerdiness that we insisted on them:) LOL!! I almost won too!! 130 baby!! HAHA!! I love you all!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Red heads rock!!!

Sorry I have just been out of the loop lately everyone!!! The past couple days have been great!! My friend DJ was here for a couple days and it is always such a blast for him to be here!! :) for the red heads!!! hehe..First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother Andrew who just turned 17!!! Whoa!! I feel pretty old now...LOL!! He is one of my best friends and we talk about everything! It's so great to have one of your own siblings to be your best friend! And he is HILARIOUS and always makes me laugh so I love him even more!! ;) Even though he is WAY taller than me and stronger I can still tell him what to do!! :) hahaha!!! Love you Andrew! (btw. the picture above is of him...I don't think he knows that he's white....LOL!!!)Next rocking red head is my friend Josh Rogerson! He is just so great cause last night he brought me a present to church! Now I'm not a big candy person...but the other day he was eating these chocolate covered cherries from Starbucks. And they are just to die for! So he brought me a bag last night!! Soooo amazing!! Josh you rock!!! Thank you!Last but DEFINITELY not least is my friend Jessica Claire!!! She just won Blu Domains photographer of the year!!!!! I'm so proud of her!!! She is definitely the best photographer I've ever many people ask who is going to shoot my wedding and I tell them without a doubt Jessica Claire!!! Check out the **write up** about her!!! Congratulations Jess!!!!!! You're amazing!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dream Wedding!!!

WOW!!!! So I just got back from a VERY full weekend!! It was seriously one of the most amazing weekends ever! It went by so fast and was like a dream!
My best friend Joy got married yesterday to her fiance Pete and it was without a doubt the most perfect wedding and almost exactly how I want my wedding to be! Everything went off without a hitch thanks to her wedding planner/bridesmaid Beth Lange! Wow!
The rehearsal dinner was beyond amazing! Every little thing was planned so awesome! It was outside under the stars at the same place the wedding was(Joy and Pete's youth groups leader's house!!) after dinner everyone gathered around their pond and Pete got baptized, by his dad and youth pastor!! It was so awesome with the tiki torches lit and all his family, friends, and future wife there it was priceless! Afterwards we watched a little video projected on a sheet hanging from the porch, about what Pete and Joy will be doing in the future(they are becoming missionaries)!! WOW! So incredible!
Well I'm tired and have so much more to write about but I'll post all about the wedding plus the slideshow hopefully tomorrow!!! :)
Good night!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't posted the last couple days! I'm getting ready to head out for the weekend for my best friend Joy's wedding!!! I'm so excited!! I'm the maid of honor and the we'll see how that works out!! lol!! No worries I'm having someone else come help me out so that should be great!! :)
Anyways, the night I got back from California my family and my incredible friend/office manager Debbie surprised me by painting my office!!!! I had picked out a color and had just never gotten around to actually doing it!! Wow!! It turned out so incredible! We finished most of the decorating yesterday but still have to put some pictures up! lol!
Debbie and I went shopping for tons of stuff and I'm not kidding got everything except for two things half off!! It was totally our day!!!! WOW!! God really helped us!! It's awesome! We were totally on air the whole day!
Here's a timeline of my offices:Sorry the "Sarah Anne Photography" is cut off the top of the pic...kinda!
I won't be able to post for just so you know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth or anything:) Love you all!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Ashley and Graham

Yesterday after church I headed over to do an engagement session for Ashley and Graham! This was the first time I had met them and they are so adorable together!! I am so excited for their wedding coming up in October! It's going to be in Ashley's parents backyard(which is where we did the engagement pics too!) which I think is so perfect because it will be so personal!!! I can't wait!! :) It was raining off and on yesterday, but we had the rain stopped for a little bit(LOL!) to shoot which turned out to be perfect lighting then it started back up once we left!! How awesome!! hehe! :) Here's the **slideshow**

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sara and Brian - So awesome!

Yesterday, I shot a gorgeous wedding downtown Chicago at the Symphony Center! It was such an incredible place to have a wedding!! Wow!! There were some really fun places to shoot and the view was unreal! Plus to top off the night there were fireworks over the lake!!! Sooooo amazing:) **Click Here** for the slideshow!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Liana, Me, Shyla
Amy Nave, Amber Holritz, Me, Jessica Claire
The David Jay(above)
(below)Regis Chen aka Sarah Barlow and Sarah Barlow aka Regis Chen...hehe!!!! I just flew in last night from California! I went to LA for a conference put on by my lab Pictage :) It was absulutely incredible and I can't wait to start making some awesome changes to my business!!! Yeah!! I flew in on Tuesday night and had dinner with a couple of my friends then joined in on the big OSP party!! It was great! And I met so many awesome photographers!!
On Wednesday and Thursday was the conference and it was packed FULL of incredible workshops put on by some of my great friends!! Including: DJ, Mike Colon, Jessica Claire, Liana Lehman, Nathan and Amber Holritz, Davina Fear, and Dan Watkins!! It was seriously amazing! The best part of all though was the "networking" :) We had such a blast going out dinner, staying up until all hours of the night talking(and laughing), and soaking in the hot tub! I'm sooo blessed to be in this amazing industry, 1: because it so incredibly fun and I'm doing what I love, 2: because of the people that are in it with me are some of the most amazing people I've met! I love you all!! :) Ps. Thank you everyone who took these pictures!! I need to work on my photography bringing my camera!! hehe!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Partaaay Weekend:)

Wow!! What a weekend!!! On Friday my friend Debbie came over to start working for me!!! I am sooo excited about this!! My friend Sarah who had been working for me and will most likely still do some work is now in Nashville...since business is getting soooo busy I need someone to help me in the office! So what better to have come help than one of my best friends!! :)
We got so much done too which is awesome!! On Friday night we went out shopping at the best mall ever, got Thai food, and went to the apple store to play photobooth! Too fun!
Then yesterday I did a fashion shoot in the morning(I'll post pics pretty soon!!) for a clothing company. Which was a blast!
Last night Debbie came over and we had a girls sleepover at our house to watch movies, go to a popcorn/candy shop and TALK..of course!! We haven't done that in FOREVER so it was great!!!!!! The picture on the left is a picture of my friend Rebecca, me, and Debbie. We have all been best friends since we were born and I'm soooo blessed to STILL have them as my friends!! It's awesome!!!!!
Also, here is a little **video** of Olivia at Great America on Thursday. At lunch we were looking all over for her and found her over by this group of little boys, all huddled together holding hands!!!! It was the funniest thing ever!!! We're going to have to REALLY keep an eye on her when she's older!! LOL!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Six Flags!!

Yesterday, was such a blast!! We went to Great America!!
We hooked up with some of our friends and were able to go on TONS of rides almost too many!! LOL! It was homeschool day where some homeschool group rents out the whole park so there are like NO lines!!! It's incredible!!
Here is the slideshow:

Also, it was my parents 21st wedding anniversary yesterday too!!! I'm sooooooo proud of them!!! They are such great examples for my brothers and sisters and I! At the end of the day we all stood up on this stage and sang them a happy anniversary song!! It was so cute!!! hahaha!!!!! As their gift I'm giving the 11% off a Sarah Anne Photography photoshoot!!! LOL!! Jk;)
Have an awesome weekend!!