Thursday, December 28, 2006

Baby steps....

Well....I CAN WALK!!!! Yeah!! I'm so excited! I just went to the doctor today to get an xray and he let me know that my ankle is totally healed and looks great!! So now I can walk on it! Right when I got home I put another shoe on and started training for the 2007 Chicago Marathon....LOL...well not really...;)
It was the weirdest standing for the first time and taking a step after more than 2 months of not walking!! It's amazing what we take for granted! So I'm building up the strength in my foot again...I still had to walk with one crutch tonight like it was a cane but hey, it's a start!!! :)
So this has definitely been an amazing day and I booked my first destination wedding!! So I'm SUPER excited about that!! I have tons more to post about especially about Christmas and stuff..but my card reader just broke on me so I can't download any pictures yet...but I'll get my brother to fix it:)
Also, my sister Natalie's birthday was yesterday!!! YEAH!! She turned 15 years old!! Wow! I'm definitely getting! We went to see the movie We are Marshall for her birthday and it was sooo inspiring but very sad too! I defintely recommend it!!
Well...back to my two month old chores...! The main reason my family is happy that I can walk again is so that I can work now!! lol! Right when I got home my mom had me make dinner then do the dishes!!! No mercy here!!! HAHAH!!! Have an awesome night!! I love you all!!


OpenSourcePhoto said...

WOW! Looks like you guys got your miracle after all!

Praise the Lord! How cool is that!

J@KE said...

You know what my grandfather always used to say.......... GET BACK TO WORK!

Ok so I'm kidding but it is good to see you back on your feet....

Totally can't wait for the party tomorrow!!! I'm soooooooo stoked!

J@KE out.

Samantha F. said...

Yaaaaay! More kitchen help on Sunday mornings!! I mean, um, I'm glad you're uh feeling better Sarah.... *shifty eyes*

Haha, I'm just teasing! I'm not surprised you've jumped right back into shooting weddings. Just don't over do, ok?

Big Hugs,

kristen leigh photography said...

I'm so glad! That must have been super tough to not walk AT ALL for so long. God is good!