Friday, December 24, 2010

Celebrate the day....

I'm back in Chicago for Christmas and it's been just beautiful. Beautiful to see my family, snow, amazing friends, downtown shopping, hugs, back rubs, and laughing non stop. It's always an insane time in the Barlow home as EVERYONE is musically inclined and inclined to share at the SAME time. Constant noise ensues. But I love it. And it's probably the thing I miss the most about being here.
I was sitting here in my pj's thinking about this past year and the people in my life, how things have changed and how I've grown and what I've learned... while I was deep in thought this song came on which perfectly says my heart this year. Relient K was always one of my favorites when I was younger.... no wonder why!! Here is a cheesy little You Tube video that I found with the song and lyrics...I hope it makes your night and that you take some time to just get quiet during all this craziness to remember why you are here and WHO you are here for.
I love you all.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Love Fades ::: Favorite things

One of my all time favorite stores in Nashville is called Imogene & Willie. A store completely dedicated to jeans and the culture of them. A lot of the jeans are made or customized right there in the store, which used to be an old auto repair shop. The entire esthetic of the place is unreal. You feel like you walked into someone's home the minute you step in, including an old yellow lab who roams the store greeting customers.

Today though, I found this wonderful project, LOVE FADES, that photographer Joshua Black Wilkins put together with I&W.... documenting the life of the jeans and their wearers...who just so happen to be some of my friends!
I had no idea that there was such a science to denim, but just take a look at the beautiful character and age of these jeans! Plus the gorgeous photography! **CLICK HERE**

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Harpoon Leather ::: Design

Several months ago my friend Stephen texted me his brilliant idea of starting a leather accessory company... he had never done anything with leather before but dove head first into it and found out he has an amazing knack for it! A couple months later he had developed a couple different products and the demand for full branding and a website arose.
Because I work with my interns all the time on their branding and websites I decided to help him out... since then I've been working on several different projects with a bunch of my different friends that I'll be showcasing in the next couple weeks!
For right now though, I'll show you the process of this brand and what we've come up with through out it all.

Usually in the development of the brand I build an overall brand board with styles, textures and colors but we had to get the website up so fast and Stephen already knew the look he was wanting to go for: very nautical and sea based with the darker colors used in his leather designs. We came up with a logo pretty quick and is pretty self explanatory:

A nice clean business card:

After the logo was finished and a basic website was put up we started working on the grander scheme of things in product photos and prettying everything up to really get the dark nautical feel across.

Finally we completed the **WEBSITE** with a full brand and look, he wanted it to look like we just shot a picture of an uncompleted wallet with a brand stamp right on it! Check out the site!! GREAT Christmas gift ideas!

I LOVE how it turned out and I'm so so excited for this new business to explode! Stay tuned for more great projects with this great company!!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Spring 2011 internships!!!

Okk... Well you all have been begging for some spring dates for the internships so I decided to release them sooner than I usually do! Next year I'll be switching things up a bit... there is only one normal 6 day internship so far on the books and the other two are just 4 days, but you'll get to shoot a wedding with me to add to your portfolio plus learning most of the things they work on in the full internship! I'll also be releasing a few 2 day mini-internships in different cities: NYC, Denver, Seattle, and a few others..if you'd like one in your city let me know too!
Sooo excited about this next year and all the beautiful people I get to meet!!
CLICK HERE to look into all the details!
I'll leave you with a music video we made for one of the internships....craziness ensues all the time.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Some testosterone for you.... ::: Favorite things

....if there is not enough in your life or too much...look at this. Some of my fellow photographer friends have done these trips now for the past couple years and it is UNREAL how they document it and the crazzzyyy amazing adventures that they partake in and let you have a say in as well! They are now basking in the crazy Hawaiian rays this week so follow them all at Treat yourself for 10 min.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kevin & Karen ::: Chicago Wedding

Last month I shot one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been too. I was pretty much freaking out the entire day from how beautiful everything was, how fun the bridal party was and how incredible the venue was that we shot at. THE photographers dream.
Karen and Kevin had such the wedding day. All at Salvage One on the west side of Chicago, it is a vintage furniture store during the week and a event venue on the weekends! UNREAL. Probably photography wise my all time favorite wedding. Took me forever to go through the pics!!!
The love that these two have for each other, paired with the amazing family and friends that they have around them make for the perfect concoction for such a happy life together! I'm so excited for these two!!
Check out some of the absolute favorites from the day and the ***SLIDESHOW HERE***!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Frosty.

While I was in Chicago at the beginning of this month I took my little four year old sister, Jules, out to her favorite place for dinner: Wendy's. She ordered a Frosty and told me before eating it that it was going to take her ALL night to eat. I promptly got out my iphone and documented the whole half hour process of the frosty eating. She is quiteeee the character. Gah I love her! Click HERE for the hilariousness!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Abby + Jonathan ::: Nashville Wedding

Last month I shot Abby and Jonathan's absolutely gorgeous wedding at the Country Music Hall of Fame! I met these two through Abby's sister, Jordan, who I've shot a couple times before for her book! Jordan worked with Jonathan and kept thinking how amazing he would be for her sister! Finally they met and within a verrry short time they knew it would result in marriage! The most hilarious part is that I visited the church they attend on THE day that they met and sat right behind them...not even knowing it!
Usually with weddings I can kinda disconnect a little emotionally so that I can really focus on that amazing shot but so much throughout this wedding I almost started crying because of how much love these two have for each other and the way they express it! SOOO beautiful. Even editing through them I started choking up. I know these two are destined for such an amazing life together! Check out the pics here and the **SLIDESHOW HERE**!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monica + Federico ::: Mexico Wedding

Back in September I flew down to Juarez, Mexico to help my amazing friend and past intern, Ana Rebeca, shoot a beautiful wedding for some of her close friends! It was probably one of the most spectacular weddings I've ever shot. Dang do they know how to party and the sweet love all throughout was felt greatly!! The party went until about 3 in the morning and they ended up serving breakfast around then so that everyone wouldn't go home hungry...haha! It was quite the experience and I LOVED being about to get to know Monica and Federico! Check out the pictures below and a **SLIDESHOW HERE**!!