Monday, December 25, 2006

It's a wonderful life!!!!

WELLL!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Officially here in Chicago!! Yeah!
We just got back from our yearly tradition of driving around town and looking at lights! It's always so much fun but every year our car get's more and more packed with people!! This year it was crazy but still so much fun! We sang Christmas carols that I video taped WON'T want to see those!! hehe! On the way home we stopped to get KK which is also the tradition to get doughnuts...but they decided to be closed tonight!! Gosh! The nerve!! lol! The funniest part is that once we drove in the parking lot and went past the empty drive through about 5 other cars followed us through!! It was hilarious!! Here is a video of it! Sorry about all the talking...there were 9 people in the car! :)
I'm so excited about tomorrow(I guess it would be today now...)! We are waking up super early to open presents then having a bunch of family over for dinner from my dad's side!!
I love you all soooo much and I hope you have a seriously AMAZING Christmas!!
PS....that really exciting thing that I posted about yesterday will hopefully be ready by the day after got just a little delayed:)


Sarah Renée said...

Yay for Christmas!!!

((And yay that I finally updated my blog!! lol))


Anonymous said...

LOL...I had to reread it! I was like, "what? I wasn't there to get donuts!!!" and I realized I share Krispy Kreme's inititals!

I miss you guys! Love you and Merry Christmas!

KK-(not Kevin Kubota NOR the donuts!)