Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Calm before the storm.

So today has been a great day of pretty much just chilling...we have been running around everywhere the past couple days getting ready for Thanksgiving! We are having Thanksgiving dinner at our house with my mom's whole family which will be a total of 25 people which is not that much thinking that our family alone counts for almost half of that with 9! LOL!
Since everyone is coming from out of state it is a little family reunion too which should be a blast! I'll post some pics if I'm able to take any! I'm recruited to take the family picture on Friday so we'll see how that goes with my crutches and a timer on the camera...HAHA!!
I love you all and am soooo incredibly thankful for you too!!!
Ps. A monumental moment happened..I actually posted on the Dear Natalie blog if any of you girls...(or guys) want to check that out!


Anonymous said...

wow thats gonna be a monumental meal ... do u have 2 turkeys to feed all those people?!?

Tim Co. Photography said...

o woops that was Tim co. LOL accidently posted as josh

Sarah Barlow said...

Hahah!!! Tim!! Yeah we do have two turkeys and a ham!! Craziness!