Friday, November 10, 2006

Tennessee is gorgeous!!

I had so much fun at OSPS!! Here is a little recap..
DJ and I got in Monday night and headed right over to dinner at a really sweet Sushi place where the whole group actually booked out the whole restaurant!! It was craziness but so much fun!
Afterwards we went to the Nudd's studio that they just moved into! And it was so incredible! It is seriously my dream to have a place like theirs!! So awesome!

(Here is a picture of me and one of the many invalids there, Ginger! It was so crazy cause their were about 5 of us who were limping or had casts!! Crazy!)
The next day was filled with classes and good food!! And that night we went out to a great restaurant where I got to meet Amber and Nathan Holritz's kids who are the cutest ever!!! Here is Austin who is getting trained verrry young how to be a photographer:)

So much fun!!! I can't wait to see everyone again soon!!! The week was way to short but so awesome!
Now I'm in Nashville and I just got back from going to The Melting Pot with my aunt Wendy. It was so amazing and we were just sitting there after eating feeling like our stomachs got a massage it was so incredible!! hehe!! Tomorrow I'm heading out to see my friend Sarah Chellappa who used to work for me. She goes to school down here and I haven't seen her in almost forever so that will be awesome!!
Well I'm tired I'll post more tomorrow! Love you all!!
Ps the top picture is my friend Amy Nave and I! I just love her so much!


Anonymous said...

I get the first post! Ok Sarah we are ready to see you..Lots of love sent to you from Olivia and JuliAnna. Love that Tennessee land, most of all Nachos Trace!! Get ready for lots of hugs when you get home. See you tommorow! Love, Mom P.S. JuliAnna said DaDa

amynave said...

Hey beautiful:)

I'm sooooo thankful that we were actualy able to spend some quality time together. You are such a doll:)

Love you tons and can't wait to see you again soon!!!!!!

kristen leigh photography said...

sounds soooo fun. pretty much a photographers dream.

J@KE said...

So when are we having a OSPN in Chi-Town??


Sarah Barlow said...

Amy!! So great to spend time with you too!!! Can't wait to see you really soon!

Kristen! for sure was!!! You should have come!! That would have been awesome!

Jake! Um...good question!!! hehe!!!
When you actually are not working:) Hope to see you soon!