Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Earlier this year I released a big giant sale for Nashvillians and it was SUCH a hit and I met SO many amazing people that I decided it's about time I do something like that again!! Book while you can cause after Nov 15th it'll be back up to the regular prices! I can't wait to get connected with so many of you!!! ***BOOK HERE*** Also, I'll be in Chicago this weekend...so these rates apply there as well just for Saturday and Sunday!

Friday, October 15, 2010

THE interns ::: July 2010

I know it's been FOREVER since July but better late than never! The past internship we held at my family’s home in Chicago, at first I wasn’t quite sure how it would work out..but then I remembered that the first two years of internships were held there! ha! So it went great! We set up shop in the lower level of the house, each girl having their own work area and sleep area. It was a blast! We headed to downtown Chicago the first day to get to know each other better and work on the beginnings of their branding. The rest of the time was spent doing photoshoot after photoshoot and working until 1 in the morning on getting everything completed...it went by SO fast but was such a beautiful group of girls and I learned so much from them as well! Here is the lineup:

Charity was just such a ball of joy! I LOVE her enthusiasm for life and her amazing stories of everything that God has done in her life...it got me so inspired! I want to live more like that everyday. She joined in last minute and was the perfect addition for the week! She has a very giving loving heart that shines through everything that she does! Plus she’s already been HARD at work in her business and I can’t wait to see it thrive all the more! Check out her blog **HERE!!**

Christina is just so wonderful! She was the first to come and we got to really get to know each other really easily! I love when a person is just so down to earth and instantly your friend because you relate on so many levels! It’s beautiful...I think her gift with people and servants heart shine through in everything she does. I love it. She has a very natural eye for photography and I know she’s gonna take it far with her amazing way with others...just feeling comfortable and at home around her! Check out her blog **HERE**!!

Kristin looks like she walked right out of the 40s or 50s...I swear she was meant to live then...her overall style in photography and life just exudes class and Jackie O’ness.. hahha I LOVE seeing a person bring that through everything they do! Plus her having such a sweet spirit tops it all off I knowwww that with all her amazing life experiences and amazing eye for photography she is going to go SO far! I mean who wouldn’t want a Jackie replica, in every way, doing their photography?? I love it!! Check out her blog **HERE!!**