Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A good workout!

Well I've finally been able to scoot up the stairs to my office to get some work done which I'm so excited about except I just realized that I have 5 weddings to edit in the next 3 days!! ahh!! Fun times!! Pray for me..cause I might have to pull some all nighters!!;) hehe! jk.
I'm getting pretty strong on these crutches and even though my leg doesn't hurt arms do!! lol!
So yesterday my sister and I finally got out and went shopping with my cousins which was so much fun!!! I made it on crutches for about the first hour or so then finally had to humble myself and get a wheel chair!!! AHHH!! LOL It was actually really fun! We almost had a couple accidents with it but my cousin finally got the hang of after awhile...
We had so much fun especially since everyone was trick or treating in the mall..
my cousin told one of the guys in the Apple store that my whole cast and wheelchair thing was my halloween costume and we're so hardcore that we actually broke my leg for the outfit! HAHA!!! yeah...
Ok...back to work! Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive...just in the cave right now..:)

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