Sunday, November 30, 2008


After A LONG time of editing my interns blogs my sad blog has finally reached it's turn for a facelift!! I am going to be in town a lot more in the next couple weeks so I should be able to post some more fun things coming up and MORE OFTEN too!! :) For the time being...enjoy the refreshing new look!! :)
ALSO...for future can also access this blog by!!


CHECK back here in about 1/2 an hour to see some miracle renovations to this old blog!!

EEEEEE!!! I'm sooo excited!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just incase... need a back up groomsman for your next wedding you now know where to go.....

LOL....a friend of mines buddy just started this site apparently as a spoof...but I think it may go somewhere;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The cry....

If THIS doesn't get you revved up I don't know what will!! My pastor down here ended the sermon this past Sunday with this little side note and it was a MAJOR wake up call to me I almost started jumping up and down! Check it out "HERE" it's only a couple seconds....
Here we just brush these people off as killers, thieves, and liars yet they haven't been raised up in their purpose and THAT is why they are succumbing to this... which sends them down an even farther spiral away from their purpose... thankfully their is still hope... BUT their is even greater hope for those not yet in that!! Who can we inspire purpose in TODAY??? :)

I've been having THE most amazing time the past 2 I said earlier...I'm on a sabaticle right now seeking a lot of direction and thankfully God has come through so faithfully and shown me SO many things that I'm REALLY excited about...and I'm REVVING to go and do...yet I have 3 days left and I know that I'm to continue to sit and rest as He's laying a steady foundation in me before I hit the ground running! I love how He works! It's exciting!! I love you all so much!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Down time.

Back in the spring when my schedule started getting super filled with everything for the year... I started getting really concerned that I didn't have any down time whatsoever...UNTIL...I saw November...sweet beautiful November with absolutely nothing on the agenda! I at that moment blocked out the entire month on the calendar with DO NOT BOOK. I am so sooo glad I did now! In December everything kicks back into full gear heading into the new year! Earlier last week I started putting all my biz plans together for next year and building websites..ect..and God stopped me in my tracks and was like...What are you doing?? I'm like...I'm trying to figure out next year! He then revealed to me that I haven't gotten away with Him!! That before David went and fought Goliath or Esther went before the king there was a preparation time first. They had personal victories before they had public ones! Sooo...I dropped everything and set aside the next two weeks until Thanksgiving mine and God's time! To just sit, read, think, dream, pray, and prepare! Not doing any work, Facebook(yes, I'm still on...just deactivated the account for 2 weeks fo those of you worried;), blog reading, you tube or anything distracting that has been pulling my time! I started this past Tuesday and it's been one of the most incredible times ever! I'm learning sooo much, getting all rested up, and SO incredibly revved up for the next season!!! I love you all!! Take some time in the next couple weeks to just get away and get quiet...and find out what God has for you next! Especially before the holiday season! It will pay off sooo much in the future!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Jackie & Adam ::: Wedding

I headed out last Thursday to Washington DC to visit my amazing friend and former intern Kristen Leigh and to help her shoot one of her weddings out in was a wonderful excuse to come out and visit... plus my intern Beth came out to so it made it even MORE fun!! I'll post more about that soon...but onto Jackie and Adam's wedding! I drove out to Philly on Saturday morning for their gorgeous wedding! It was the first time I had met both Jackie and Adam and they both made me feel like just another one of their friends at their wedding! It was wonderful! The love that these two had for each other was so refreshing to see! The excitement was contagious all day! I really loved especially how involved the whole family was throughout the whole day! With Adam's dad marrying the two of them...and his 3 sisters as bridesmaids and even his little brother as best man(I thought he was the ring bearer almost the whole time!!) and Jackie's sister as the maid of honor! It was such a special day!! Congratulations Jackie and Adam!! God bless your amazing future together! :)

Check out the slideshow here!! :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hugging my computer.

Noooo I'm not THAT in love with it...yet at!
Technology is just THE best these days...whenever I need a family fix I just pop onto Skype and there they all are! It's pretty much the best invention since...well since Al Gore invented the internet! ;)
Tonight I got webcam hugs and kisses which will just have to do until Thanksgiving when they alllll come down here to my place to stay! :) Yep...the first night they will all be in my apt.. but of course it will be a BLAST!
Oli asked me tonight if I can move back home after thanksgiving! And Jules thinks I live at the airport! Classic!
To be honest...I do REALLY miss my family...but....being down here is one of the most incredible things for me ever! I have really grown so much just even in the past couple weeks I feel...just in my relationship with God, knowing who I am more, and taking care of everyday things that my parents would always do! It's one of the most amazing feelings ever!
A lot of people ask if I get lonely especially living on my own and if the transition was sad...strangely enough NO!! I really have been so all encompassed with traveling, business, time with God, and getting established down here that I haven't had the time to be lonely or sad about leaving! God really has His grace on this I'm sure..because I definitely thought after two weeks I would call home and say..okkkk I'm ready to come back! But nope! I know this is EXACTLY where I am supposed to be right now and this is the only place I'm going to thrive to my full potential right now! I'm excited to see what the future brings!!! I love you all!!!
Just thought you might like an actual personal note rather than just pics all the time:)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

World Changing Time!!

Heyyyy everyone! Well I know you all may not have exactly the same beliefs as me in this election area(I really hate's too dividing..but I know it's still very important to vote...I think us as people making change is SO far better though;).....but to be honest I'm am SO giddy the video to see why... especially if you are considering moving out of the country! :)


Monday, November 03, 2008


Well...a couple days ago I got back from my 3rd trip of the year to Denver! I simply LOVE that place with close to all my heart! My former intern Laura and I headed out last Thursday for a quick little trip there to chill, take a million pictures and attend a Western Elegance Fundraiser for Volunteers of America! It was an INCREDIBLE trip...I was pretty much freaking out the whole time with the beauty of the mountains, the shopping, and the art scene....each time I go I experience a new side of this place! I love it!Back in January, if some of you remember... I headed out with 6 of my favorite photographer girls to Denver and Vail for a week long relax, get to know each other more...and to give back to the community! The first two days we documented Volunteers of America's - Denver projects! It was one of the most inspiring and eye opening projects that I've done! I left knowing that THAT is really what it is all about! A couple weeks later as I had the assignment of slideshow maker for the group I put a little slideshow together for VOA to see and use if they would like....well....did they USE it!! :) They've been distributing it to a lot of their big donators and such.... which was incredible in itself! A couple months ago though...Jim White one of the directors over at VOA who we had worked on the project with contacted me saying that they were planning on showing the slideshow at their biggest fundraiser of the year and that he wanted to fly me out there to see it in action! WOW. I was sooooo honored to attend.... definitely a highlight of my life as there were probably around 2000 people there all watching the show, crying, and being moved so much to donate that I heard later on that is was the biggest response they'd ever received after the show! Gosh I was crying! It's incredible sometimes what we take for granted as just a simple little project becoming something that makes SUCH an impact! My amazing friends are really what brought this whole thing together....Jenna Walker, Shyla, Liana, Crystal Goss, Amy Nave, and Jasmine Star!!! I am so proud of everything that they've done! If you haven't seen the show check it out here
....and here are some fun pics from our adventure this time!Above are some pics from where we stayed and around town....Laura's awesome friend Amie lives pretty close to downtown Denver in this really artsy area, walking into her house was like walking into an Anthropologie ad! I LOVED it! The first morning we had to get up SO early to catch our flight that once we arrived we were ravenous...we found the best little retro breakfast place called Snooze!
How awesome is this sign that I saw on the side walk....just a random DEAD cigarette laying right there perfectly too! ha!
Laura and I had really NO clue what to wear to this "western elegance gala" that we were going to! Thankfully Amie's roomate Virginia was a big time vintage dress shopper and let us use whatever of her clothes we wanted!! I think we were pretty much the epitome of western elegance and a tad bit...little house on the prairie;)
Some country singer was there named Dierks Bentley?? I'm not really sure who he is...but Laura and I thought he was quite attractive so we decided to take pictures to kill some time....
Here is while the slideshow was playing....afterwards they brought up a childrens choir to finish singing the "Go light your world" song from the slideshow! It was UNREAL! I can't believe that this is part of my job!

Ok....I gotta run...still in my PJ's...and running shoes are calling me!! Plus I should probably be a nice friend as I'm in DC right now hanging with my OLD intern Kristen....more on THAT coming soon...but I may just wait a week to post that... just to add to the excitement...;)