Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last interns of the year!

I know I know....last time I posted about my last interns I promised that I wouldn't wait that long....welllll I didn't wait 3 weeks but it's already been 2 weeks and I'm just now posting! I need a blog police or something to keep me on top of this! lol!
Anyways.... I finished up my last intern run on August 9th and it was nice way to go out with a bang! These two girls, Victoria Bennett and Jamie Delaine arrived at the end of July and it was one of the fastest 2 weeks of my life! It totally sped by because we were having so much fun and doing things NON stop....mostly getting dressed up and going to fancy places...and bringing our cameras as an excuse;)
It really worked out as all the intern pairs that came were all in the same age group and I totally didn't plan it that way! These last two were my youngest at 17 and 17 then turned 18! It worked out perfect! These two were a lot a like but very different at the same time and brought their beautiful personalities into the weeks which made it incredible!
First I'll start off with Victoria:
I've know Vickie for the past 3 years or so and we hit it off from the start talking just about anything and everything! She's one of my girls in my small group at church and is so inspiring how she is acceptant of everyone and everyone loves her so dearly... plus she hugs everyone in sight! I love it so much! Her style comes through in everything she does which is perfect because when we were developing her brand that came through so awesome that she'll just be wearing her brand everywhere she goes! Vickie is JUST now getting into professional photography and shot her very first wedding with us and I was blown away by her work! I wish I was that good when I first started! Check out her FAB blog **here**!!! I'm SUPER excited about her business coming up in the future!

Jamie Delaine: be honest when Jamie first contacted me about the internship I was like, "What?? You are incredible already!!" But I was excited to be pushed beyond what I thought I had in me and give more out! It was a nice little challenge but brought about a wonderful friendship through the whole thing! Jamie is a phenomenal photographer who I know we'll go so far as she JUST turned 18 and already has what I just got with branding and everything last year! ha! Plus is already selling her own Photoshop actions...since she was 16 too! ha! Amazing! Anyways....we got along so well and I warned her two things which both she denied at the beginning: #1 everyone would get SUPER hyper the second week into the internship(she said noooo this is me at the most comfortable I get....) little did she know;) #2 She would actually start liking the hip hop music that we listened to despite her protests....(I just found out she bought a couple of the songs we listened to!) Success I tell you!!!! hahha! I wish I could've recorded her and Natalie together...but I'll just let the pictures in the slideshow do the talking;)
Check out her blog too...and the posts from the internship are down a little as she's a slightly better blogger than me;)

Here is the awesomeness:::::

Friday, August 22, 2008

Taylor Lee

A couple weeks ago at the end of the last internship my intern Vickie and I headed out to do a senior/headshot/model shoot for Taylor Lee! I really don't do this super often and was swamped with weddings during the summer so this shoot gave a nice little change to my constant shooting! Taylor and her mom met us downtown Chicago for a shoot all around town! I definitely could have shot Taylor...AND her mom all day! They were such models and completely a breeze to work with! I love it when people bring things that are TOTALLY them to the shoot too...
Taylor is seriously into Volleyball so she broke out her outfit plus some awesome skills onto the beach! We had so much fun! Check out her gorgeous pics here!!!

Here is her slideshow!!! Enjoy!

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like.....Christmas??

Well sort of at least! I was just browsing the Barlowgirl forums.... which is my cousins incredible band and found that the cover for the Christmas album has been released! This is my 2nd cover for them and it's so amazing seeing it completed! There was a major tie between two different pictures but this one won out in the end.....I guess you'll just have to wait a month to see the other shot;)
I'll post a slideshow of the actual photo shoot (that we did out in Vale, Colorado) at the end of September once the album is released!! I can't wait! The only problem is I'm listening to Christmas carols right now! It's been pretty much Christmas all year round but thankfully I love the holiday so much!! :) Keep your eyes out for the new album SOON!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gold is the new black!

I always have loved watching sports movies...when I was little Rocky used to be my favorite! I get SOOO incredibly revved up when I see people have a dream and completely conquer it just like they planned! It gives me goosebumps every time....
I think that's why when I run I like to listen to movie soundtracks because it just gets me so pumped up and ready to conquer the world! haha!
I guess it's no suprise then that I'm an Olymipicaholic.... ever since I was little I have been! Recording everything I possibly could to watch again's just so inspiring!
I've pretty much been completely glued to to the tv this past week watching tons of sports but (HOLY COW) my favorite of them all...... swimming! Michael Phelps is now my new hero! 8 GOLD medals baby!!! With so many people saying he couldn't do it which then got him even more fired up to prove them's like watching the best of the best sports movies all combined! I was totally tearing up last night when he won the last race....I couldn't be more proud of him or of our country! It's also so incredible that during the heat of all the political stuff going on with the election how much this brings us all together and makes us so proud to live where we do! GO team USA!!!!! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time for some refreshing!

Ohhh man! I'm now just finishing up my first day of a REAL vacation that I've had in a LONG time! On Saturday I finished up my entire Summer season and have several weeks off until the fall season sets in with TONS of traveling! Even though I'm excited about what's coming up....I seriously have to recoup from the past 3 months! They have been THE most crazy, exciting, and tiring months ever! With 9 weddings and 7 interns in 3 months it's been intense! I have made some of the most amazing friends and shot some of my favorite weddings ever! After soooo much output though there is always a season of taking a step back and just doing nothing and not feeling guilty for it either! :) I feel right now pretty much completely drained but I know after a week up here in Door County, Wisconsin I'll feel ready to conquer the world again! :)
I'm sorry for the amazing lack of posts! I really do love blogging but the problem recently is that my life has been SO exciting that each blog post would take a day to write! lol! So I have a bunch to blog about but I need to still enjoy my vacation and not just blog the whole time! lol!
This is my first time up in Door County and I'm already entirely in love! It's sooo perfect and makes you feel like your on the East Coast...and yet so close to my house! We are right on a little penisula in a town called Egg Harbor with only 250 people living in the town it's perfectly quaint! I'll post more pictures soon!
I love you all so much! Hope to be back at full power soon! :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Emmy & Alan ::: Wedding

Saturday, we shot one of the most incredible weddings I've ever been too! I go to so many wedding all the time and while they all have been SERIOUSLY incredible weddings(I'm blessed with the coolest clients) I always love it when I go to a wedding that would totally be what I would do for my wedding!!
Emmy and Alan got married on Saturday at Willow Creek and had the reception up at Emmy's parents Apple Orchard up north! The day turned out unreal! From starting the day with Korean Sushi...(I don't think it's actually called that....;)....a hayride after ending the day with Karaoke out under the stars while roasting marshmallows! Completely perfect.
I met Emmy and Alan last year while doing there engagement session and I immediately knew there was something special about these two! They are just so genuine and SWEET! Emmy was completely glowing all day long and Alan was the strength behind her! And yet every once in awhile they would just say the funniest things! I also love how integrated the family was in the whole day too! It makes the day complete. We definitely stayed waaaay past the time we were contracted for because we were just having way to much fun....even though it was an hour drive home! I love it!
Soooo congratulations Emmy and Alan....I couldn't be more excited for you!! I love you both!!:)

Emmy and her dad right before walking down! This is always one of my favorite parts of the day!

This was one of the best ceremonies I've been to also! Such a wonderful message!

After the main ceremony the did a traditional tea ceremony where all the relatives give them gifts! I wish I were Korean!! It was so beautiful! :) 

Sparklers on the hayride! How could you beat that????
Check out the slideshow!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

2 going on 27 (year old comedian).

My ADORABLE sister JuliAnna is getting so old! It's crazy! I can't believe she's already 2 and a half now...I remember right when she was born and looked exactly like my brother John! Thankfully she's gotten a lot cuter since then! haha! She is one funny little girl though and we are constantly laughing at all that she says and does! Here is a little series from a trip to target....the whole store is her playland apparently! Who ever heard of toys?? This was after a nice little dose of sugar which we have found makes her act and walk like a drunk.....maybe we should back off on the sugar a little??;) I just love how random she is and this she did all on her own....also yesterday she helped me pull up the car in the parking lot at church and thought she was just queen of the world turning the windshield wipers on, changing the radio and turning the steering wheel hand over hand....I love her so incredibly much she's tooo fun!

Here is my FAVORITE video of her and I right after waking up a couple months ago....she is just tooo hilarious!