Monday, November 06, 2006


I just got into Nashville yesterday afternoon! It is so gorgeous down here! I love it! My friend DJ and I flew down here and are heading over to Chatanooga this afternoon for a HUGE photographer get-together!! Should be a blast! I can't wait! It was soooo great having DJ come and help me in the airport! Cause since I'm on crutches it's a pretty hard getting around with a ton of luggage! So it was a huge blessing that he came! Last night we went out with a guy that DJ is working with right now, Max Hsu. We sat and talked for like 3 hours and I learned so much it was amazing!
Ok..well just updating you all on where I am:) The picture of the sunset I stole off DJ's blog he took it from his room but my room has the same view! So incredible!
Love you all!


Natalie Joy said...

Sweet!! Looks like u guys are having a blast!:)
have fun:)

Nancy Barlow said...

I love you sar!
Give Janet a big hug for me.
Enjoy your time:)

Sam F. said...

Yay! You made the plane! =D

Hugs, Sam

Shyla said...

awwww, DJ's such a gentleman.... Tell him Jeff would be proud ;)

Dont have too much fun that you forget to blog... I need to love vicariously through you :)

Shyla said...


Sarah Renée said...

Yay for Nashville! I can't believe I'm gonna see you in less than a WEEK!!!!! YEAHHHH!!!!!!

Sarah Barlow said...

YEAH!!! Sam I JUST made the plane!! LOL!! It was a close one!! Thanks for helping out!

Haha!! Shy! You can love vicariously through me too!! LOL