Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Back during the last internship I was thinking through who I should have model for the test shoot... well having the internship in Chicago it made my decision super easy: my sister!! I think she gets prettier every minute...it's kinda stupid...hahah. Plus her being an amazing model in general made the shoot probably too easy for the new interns...haha..but we had perfect light and outfits that day so how could you pass it up?
Can't believe I still remember holding Natalie when she was justttt born...it feels like last week! I'm so glad we have become best friends now, she's one of the most amazing and wisdom filled people that I know.
Check out some of my favorites from the shoot.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sophia & Cassi

I grew up with Cassi and her family back in Chicago... our mom's were bff's for the longest time! I remember days when it would be rare if we didn't see them at some point during the day! ha! I loved it as their family is sooo funny and extremely welcoming you feel like you are a part of it instantly! Cassi emailed me last month asking to take pics of her and her new little daughter Sophia and of course said...OF COURSE!! We had so much fun catching up on Labor day and taking pics all afternoon with a bbq to top it off with friends! I LOVED IT! Check out the favorites below...and the slideshow ***HERE***

Monday, September 20, 2010

Jennifer & Steve ::: Engagement

Jenny and I hit it off about 15 years ago or so...sounds like not that long ago but when you're only 23 it adds up. Our parents got together one day after church for lunch or something and we roller bladed in her basement. I don't really remember knowing her that much before that...but after that we hung out a ton! Had tea parties, our mom's switched up teaching different homeschool classes to us and we had times that we we probably never even talked...just laughed most of the time! We've stayed in touch even after all these years...and I was sooo excited when she called me one day saying she was dating this guy and it could really go somewhere!! I couldn't believe it! What we had always talked and dreamed about for years was actually happening to her! I was so excited to meet him and when I finally did...definitely approved. He ADORES Jenny to the max....like every guy should take lessons from him. She picked a good one...as well as did he;) Love you Jenny!! Can't wait for your wonderful new future together with your very Mr. Right! Check out the pics that they modeled at the last internship for!
Ps. I know it says Jennifer at the top...and that is what she goes by now...but I have always known her as Jenny so that's what she'll always be known to me as;) hehe!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today was what some might consider too overwhelming to handle, glorious, yet lonely. I'm feeling vibrant tonight for no apparent reason and decided to do a more personal blog than usual... which is what I used to do back in the old days of this blog but have since gotten away from it due to quick blogs...aka twitter and facebook.

SO. I started the day with wanting to go on a hike.
I have to get out of this place and go on adventures a lot more than I do. It brings out a side of me that I've just been discovering and wanting to live out a ton more.

Well after picking out part of my outfit I realized that most of my clothes are in my car...due to the fact that allllll that I own is in my car and storage unit from my travel sabbatical and since I'm staying with one of my friends I have to use the car as a sort of closet. ha! After walking outside real quick to figure out if I dropped my keys out there(I couldn't find them anywhere inside) I turned around to discover I had locked myself out of my friends house! OH SNAP!

No keys to my car. No house keys. No wallet(I left it at my friends house accidently). And best of all in my pajamas. BUT I had my iphone thankfully. After sitting outside trying to get ahold of my friend at work and talking to everyone else on the phone to kill time I finally realized that this is a life that millions of people live each day. Just the clothes on my back. No car. No money. No house. And all the time in the world. I enjoyed it for a while. Simple nothingness.

After getting everything figured out thanks to my amazing friends, rides to places and borrowed cars. I was able to get back to my STUFF. All of it.

Later on I met up with my best friend to go for a hike and during it we talked about whimsy. About never ever ever ever ever wanting to grow up. About building tree-houses. Having a baby deer for a pet. Sleeping under the stars. And throwing tea parties with big hats. Yes to all of the above. Yes. After the hour hike of my soul being completely rejuvenated I was ready to fly again.

We said goodbye then headed home to my other best friends... we talked about how much we had missed each other and the insanity of the day. Laughing. She called it a night in. I have to be out. Always. With people. Non stop.

Tonight was a bit different though as everyone had work or plans. So. Sushi and Elle magazine for one. This is NOT me. Not a bit. It's like taking a piece of cake from a 5 year old. Not fun. Nor desirable. But it was absolutely beautiful for some reason.

Maybe I'm heat stricken from being outside too much today and my mind is turned upside down but it was perfect. The conversation about new adventures with the guy who works at the coffee shop and free drink. To now just feeling so full. Full of life. For absolutely no apparent reason except deciding to.
With all my heart.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Garon Family

A little while ago my best friend from growing up, Debbie, came and visited down in Nashville! After talking for awhile she was like "You're gonna be back in Chicago?? You'll have to shoot my brother and sister in law!" I got so excited as I hadn't seen her brother, Chris, in forever or met her sister in law, Linn, or their kids! It was such a treat! These guys were so fun to chase around Fabyan Woods... with all it's little alcoves and old bear cages. We had such a great day in the sun! Here are some of the favorites!! And the slideshow ***HERE***

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Dill Family

A couple years ago I had such the privilage to shoot Marlene and Jeremy's wedding in Chicago! It was one of the best weddings I've shot as everything revolving around it was awesome! We became great friends with these two and hung out before and after the wedding as well as the 3 days surrounding it! I LOVE these guys! Well they just had their first little one, Bailey, who is so super precious! They had me come out and hang out for the day to do some photos of their family as well as teach Marlene some photography as well! I LOVED being able to reconnect... THE key reason why I love my job so much is these relationships that are built are so much fun!
Marlene's one wish was that we shoot on a row boat so we headed to a little lake nearby to rent one! I'm so excited how everything turned out!! Check out the favorites!! And the slideshow ***HERE***