Friday, June 30, 2006

Barbie and Ken! lol! :)

...they were cute enough to pull it off!
I did an awesome wedding reception last week for Elissa and Greg, they got married in April in Mexico! Elissa used to babysit me when I was little! Wow! Time flys!
They had a intimate reception for family and friends who weren't able to make it! So Elissa's mom Dannah(the incredible organizer that I talked about earlier...) had me come to do the pictures:) Elissa and Greg are sooooo cute together it is awesome! And VERY easy to do their pictures! We went over to a farm right across the street from them and did a little photoshoot before the party! Dannah had arranged for a horse and carriage to come pick them up from the farm, it was so sweet and we were close to not being able to pull off the surprise because the carriage was running late.. but WE DID it!! Whew! lol! The whole day was beautiful and at the end Greg played a song on his guitar that he wrote for Elissa! It was awesome!

Very sad.

I love Rhapsody!! If you don't have it and are on a pc..go online and get it! It rocks!! Seriously! I just pay like 10 bucks a month and I can listen to whatever I want! It's so cool!..Anyways...
I decided a couple days ago that I was going to broaden my music horizon a little I downloaded all of Superchick's cd's! They are incredible! I used to listen to them awhile ago when they came out with the song about my cousins...but haven't really listened to them much since..Well now they're like one of my favorite bands again! Yeah!
Check out this incredibly(and painfully..) true song!! Wow!! hehe!

I can use Showit for ANYTHING!! lol!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Never Alone Premiere!!

I am sooooo excited!! Today is the premiere of the Never Alone music video!! Yeah!
This is seriously their best video yet! Eric Welch(I would link him if I could..but I couldn't find his website!) was the director and he did an incredible job of capturing the emotion! When we first watched the video a month ago it was the first rough and it was still amazing!! If any of you didn't get to see the slideshow from it go **here** and to watch the video **click here** and then click on Never Alone!! It will change your life!!! lol:)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Oh what FUN!!

The other day I did an engagement shoot for Jenifer and Peter! Their wedding is coming up in September and I seriously can not wait! They were so much fun to shoot! They were great because they were willing to do whatever!! And even made up there own poses! I loved it!! We just ran around the beach for awhile...this was my first time doing an engagement shoot at the beach and now I want to do all of them there because it was so beautiful! Here is the **slideshow** from it! Check it out! :)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Romantic moonlight walk.

Tonight I went on a date it was so awesome!! Guess who I went with??
My brother and sister! LOL! Since we are all dateless we decided to use our Friday night wisely and go walk around our favorite lake. It was so beautiful! We sat on the dock and serenaded ourselves with love songs! We sat there for like half an hour entertaining the lake with our beautiful harmony! It was like a dream!

.......We are such weirdos! LOL! But I love my family and creating memories that we will totally laugh about when we're old ogres!!

Taking over the world!

The other night I was browsing through one of the most addicting sites ever OSP and I found this awesome site: Cinematic Bride run by Joshua Smith!
I love finding other people my age who are successful in business! It is soooo encouraging! Josh JUST turned 20 and is an extremely successful videographer! It's awesome! I'm normally pretty skeptical about wedding videography in general because most of it is pretty cheesy! When I went on to Josh's site I was blown away because his stuff just looks like a music video! It's incredible! You all should check him out and book him now even if your wedding isn't for like 10 years!! I think he'll be booked solid until then!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Eating like a king...I mean a queen...!!

I just dropped KK and her son Troy off at the airport. We had such an awesome week!! So jam packed that I'm sure Katherine will need a vacation after this vacation!! lol!
The day after she got here we found out that she is an INCREDIBLE cook!!! She took over our kitchen and made the most amazing meals the whole week! I woke up every morning to eggs benedict, banana pancakes, etc! Every dinner was different, the best tasting, and very gourmet! Wow!! My mom was trying to talk her into moving here and becoming our chef!! LOL!! Yesterday, KK and I went downtown Chicago to the Four Seasons hotel(my favorite restaurant) for lunch and then did a photoshoot along Michigan Avenue!!! It was such a blast!! Since we're both photographers we never have pictures taken of us so we decided to walk around and just shoot! It was so much fun and I loved watching peoples they've never seen a photoshoot before! hehe! On the way home I took her through our old neighborhood in River Forest, I never realized how much I LOVE that area!! It's sooo amazing!! On the way back KK is like "Sarah, I saw a little Thai place back there!!" She had been telling me all week how amazing Thai food is...and I had never had it, so we stopped by there for dinner, she ordered me Pad Thai noodles. WOW!! Thai food changed my life!! LOL!
We had such an awesome time and if I didn't say this before KK is one of the sweetest people ever! :)
There are so many pictures and slideshows, from shoots that we did, to post that it's going to take a couple different post's to cover it! I gotta catch up!!
Have an awesome day everyone!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Yesterday, my friend Katherine came with us to shoot a gorgeous wedding in Michigan!!! It was such a beautiful wedding! One of the ladies was telling me that the mother of the bride when she saw the chapel that the wedding was at many years ago she said that her little girl would get married there!! How cute is that!? Jessica and Tim are so awesome together and were super laid back!
The reception was at Jessica's parents lakehouse which was just finished right before the wedding and was all Frank Lloyd Wright inspired!! I LOVED it!!! The whole wedding we had a blast and didn't want to leave! I love shooting weddings with my friends!!
Here is the **Slideshow**
Here are the paparazzi that were following us behind the carriage!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


My amazing friend Katherine and her son Troy are in town for a week!!!! I'm so excited!! We have had such a blast already and she just came last night!! KK is shooting a wedding with me this weekend up in Michigan which should be so much fun! I met KK on OSP and then in California in Feb. when I was there for Mike Colon's workshop! Even though she is 10 years older than me we still get along like there is no age difference it's awesome!! And she is one of the sweetest people ever!! Last night we walked around our favorite lake, Lake Ellyn, and it was CRAZY!! There were 9 of us walking around at like 10:30 and let's just say that(almost) everyone totally forgot there age, doing cartwheels and playing tag...!! lol!
Maybe someone spiked our water or something...who knows!! lol! Here is the **slideshow** Warning watch at your own risk! LOL!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mac vs. PC

I was just on the Apple site today and they have all these new commercials on there that are the funniest!!! Check it out **here** Mac's are such incredible computers I think everyone should own one!! All that to say...I just bought another Dell today and I have never owned my own Mac...BUT they are amazing!!! LOL!
Also for our church we are coming up with some fresh ideas and these little videos really caught our eye! So I think were going to start doing this type of thing for our new site! My uncle who is a pastor down in Texas does the same thing for his church and they are the funniest videos!! They show them during the announcements in the service it's great!!!! **Check it out!**

Sunday, June 11, 2006

"The most gorgeous bride that I've seen.....lately""

LOL!....I love this quote from one of the groomsmens toast!! It was true! She was just glowing the whole day! Yesterday, I shot my friend Sarah's wedding! It's was so awesome!!! I think Sarah is the first of my friends(more in my age group) to get married!! Wow!!
Sarah and Jackson are sooooo cute together! The perfect thing is that they are the same height!!(I won't say anything more about!)
I love shooting friends wedding because I get to do what I love, spend time with people I love, and be a guest too..(which means I get to dance!! Oh yeah!!)
Last night we stayed soooo late just dancing the night away with all our great friends! It was a blast!! Here is the **slideshow** that we showed at the reception!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Words of wisdom by the barlowkids

  • Never spit on a roller coaster - it is totally like gnarly when you spit cause it get's in your face.
  • Never eat a really strong mint and then drink orange juice.
  • Never keep your eyes open when diving off a divingboard.
  • Never listen to a person when they tell you to go sniff a scratch n sniff on the bottom of the pool.
  • Never tell a Barlow that you like someone(cause everyone will know).
  • All the boys in the band want a valentine from a Barlowgirl.
  • Never carve your intials in the toilet and then deny it.
  • Hi John the Baptist.
  • Never sit on the toilet seat backwards.
  • Never stick cassette tapes in the toaster and turn it on.
  • Never stick a magnet on the computer screen.
  • Never tell Natalie your number....she'll never forget it.
  • Never try to rewind a dvd.
  • Creampuffs rock.
  • Never borrow an Nsync cd.
  • Always carry a get out of jail free card for when your pulled over by the police.
  • Always make sure you have gum in your hair when your pulled over by the police.
  • If it wasn't for Thomas Edison then we would all be watching tv in the dark.
  • Dying is the last thing I intend to do.

Disclaimer: All(well most of) of the words of wisdom have been tested and proven. Please heed our fair warnings. They could save you from much hardship.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gorgeous Wedding!!

Here is the slideshow from the wedding that I second shot the other day at the Sofitel!
**Click Here** for the Cass wedding!! Everything was soooo perfectly planned out it was incredible!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I LOVE engagement shoots!!

So as I promised here is the **slideshow** from the engagement shoot that I did on Sunday!
Alicia and Michael were so cute together and very funny!!! Alicia works at the AWESOME Trader Joe's and my mom just so happened to be in her line, found out that she was getting married and gave her my card! What do ya know!? :) These two were great!!
Ps. On the slideshow it says Alicia and Tim but it's actually Alicia and Michael!! Oops!! Michael's last name is Timm:)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Quiet before the storm...

...well that's what they always say!! LOL! And that is just what happened!! This has been a crazy busy weekend but so much fun at the same time! On Saturday I shot a wedding with Ryan Johnson of Rion Photography! It was so much fun! We shot at the Sofitel in downtown Chicago(which is super cool BTW!), for a Jewish wedding! This was the first Jewish wedding that I did and it was really great! They sure know how to party!!
I'll post some pics from that really soon:)
Yesterday was such a blast!!! Two of my really good friends Angela and Sarah both were having graduation parties!! I headed over to Angela's right after church and hung out there for awhile! This is such a crazy busy week for her family because her graduation is this week and her sister's wedding, which I'm shooting, is next weekend!!
After that party, my friend Rebecca and I headed over to the Morton Aboretum to do an engagement session for Alicia and Michael(I'll post they're pics hopefully tomorrow!).
We shot for about an hour then headed to my friend Sarah's graduation party!! It was so much fun! We were just sitting around talking and I realized that I had my camera gear in my trunk so I ran out to get it and we did little photoshoots!!Above: Jen Chellappa and her sister Sarah, my lightstand! LOL!! Below: Sarah Maxwell and her fiance Chris!! Wow!! All my friends are beating me!! hehe!!
It was hilarious but so much fun too!! Here is a little **slideshow**
Last night was so much fun because we all hadn't seen each other in so long and were just reminiscing alot and laughing a ton!! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life! When I got home I was so dead and couldn't laugh ANYMORE!!! LOL!! It was sooo awesome!!
PS. The top picture is of Me, Sarah Maxwell(we used to be like twins and one of the graduates), Andy Blaski(the ONLY boy in our class when we were younger! Poor kid!! lol!), Angela Sorensen(the only girl that didn't have the name Sarah! Hehe!! And the other graduate!), and Sarah Chellappa(my studio manager!!!!)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

"Only boring people get bored"

This is what my dad would always tell me when I was younger and didn't know what to do...
Well yesterday for the first time in YEARS I seriously got bored!! LOL! It was crazy!! My whole family was out for the rest of the day, and since I'm never used to a quiet house and no one around I didn't know what to do with myself!! hehe!
I decided to have some prayer time which then lasted 2 hours! lol! After that I ran some errands and went out to dinner by myself(which is the WEIRDEST thing to do!).
I got home and it was around 8, I don't do work after 5:30 so that was out of the question, so I decided to read Better Homes and Gardens...and barely got past the first page! Finally around 9 the doorbell rang and my friends had all stopped by to see what I was doing:) Whew!! We decided to go downtown Wheaton because there is a festival going on! It was a blast! We went vintage store shopping(I had never been to a vintage store but it was super cool!) and I got two purses from like the 60's or something!! It's awesome!! After that we headed over to Gino's East because my friend was was taking a while for the pizza and we were already giddy so we decided to start dancing while we were waiting!! Fun times!! LOL!!
Today I'm second shooting a huge wedding in downtown Chicago so that will be sweet!!
I hope you all have an awesome day!!

Friday, June 02, 2006


My sister Olivia is so funny!! Here is a little video that I put together of some random video clips I had... **Click Here**
Have a great day everyone!!! And remember to laugh! It's good for your health! LOL!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I lost 100 lbs!

...well almost!
Today I had our organizer friend Dannah come again!! It was incredible how much we got done!! Now alllll of my stuff is organized! It's amazing! I had 7 boxes under my bed that I just shoved under there when we moved and she helped me get it down to two!! We threw 3 huge trash bags full of stuff out and one huge box of stuff to give away!! It was amazing! I also had a memory box that was almost overflowing and we went through that...threw out some organized everything into two big books! If any of you need a reallllly good organizer check her out! Royal Treatment Services. She is booked WAY far in advance so get her while you can:)
Unfortunately I didn't do any before and after pics this time....
but you really wouldn't have wanted to see under my bed in the first place..LOL!!
I got sad when she left because we were totally done...there was nothing more for her to do!! lol!
This could seriously get addicting!! Throwing things was so much fun!! You should try it!!