Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I have learned ALOT in the past couple of weeks and it's seriously been amazing...but expensive at the same time!
Some things I have learned:

1. ALWAYS listen to other people's good advice when you know you should and do it right away... (getting another camera, oil change, more cf cards)it saves alot of time and money!...especially when God's telling you to do the same thing!
2. Watch what you say to others because even though you might think it is hilarious...it might really hurt them! Think of others over yourself! I have found that it is so easy to just think about yourself all the time but when you get out and help others first it is soooooo far better!!!! Seriously!!

And amazingly I have been extremely productive the past couple weeks so if you are waiting for an event or album it's coming right up!
Also, there are a bunch of fun changes coming up with Sarah Anne Photography so stay tuned!!
All this to say..I was just going to write....I just love you all so much! :)


Natalie said...


Katherine said...

AWwww....Sis....I love you too!

(the getting a new camera wasn't about our conversation on the phone was it?? lol)

muah muah muah

amelia lyon said...

this is my first time on you blog and I love it! You have seriously been blessed with an amazing talent! It was good meeting you at partnercon. I look forward to crossing paths again sometime!

Sarah Barlow said...

HAHA!!! KK you are toooo funny!!
I can't wait for two weeks!! ahhh!!

Amelia! Thank you so much!
I really enjoyed meeting you guys at Partner Con too! You both are so much fun! Yeah I totally can't wait to hang out again:)