Saturday, December 23, 2006

I LOVE this time of year!!!

The past couple days have been so much fun!! My friend Sarah Chellappa who used to work for me is in town from school! So the past couple days we've been hanging out and it been way to much fun because all we do is laugh the whole time!! lol! It's great! On Thursday we went downtown Chicago to meet up with her friend Chris! We just kinda wandered around, ate at Due's Pizza(Which is Uno's)and at Four Seasons for dessert! It was a blast! That night we headed back to Sarah's house and ate Filipino food for Sarah's dad is from India so whenever people come over he teaches them to eat with their hands like they do in India!! It's awesome! I had never done it so I tried it and it was harder than I thought!! Especially with rice noodles!! Thankfully I don't have any pictures of that because it was kind of a mess!! LOL!
Then last night we went to Sarah's parents 25th anniversary party! It was so special!! And I think the most awesome part was that they did a dance where all the couples who had been married 25 years or more to come up and there were 8 couples!! I thought that was just so awesome when you hardly ever see that much commitment anymore these days!! So incredible!

Well....enough typing!! I have to head out to finish my Christmas shopping!! I've never done last minute shopping and I did some yesterday took me 45 minutes JUST to get out of the parking lot!!! lol!! Definitely the most wonderful time of the year!!! haha!!
I love you all!!
PS...I have NO clue what I'm doing in that top picture....I think it was just taking to long to take the picture so I had to take my anger out on someone!!! LOL!! jk;)

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