Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Emily & Bryan ::: Engagement

A few weeks ago Emily came in town from Florida and Bryan from South Carolina for Emily's sister Liz's wedding. Who just so happens to be one of my beautiful friends! I met Emily back a few months earlier and since then could not WAIT to shoot their engagement pics and sooon their wedding! These two were so absolutely adorable. Besides the most perfect day and lighting for this shoot plus finding secret forest type locations documenting there love for each other was so simple as it was so evidently there, and so perfect to see. Check out the favorites ***SLIDESHOW*** and a few below!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Joy & Minsu ::: Wedding

This weekend the interns and I headed to Memphis for a quick day and a half trip to shoot Joy & Minsu's gorgeouss wedding!! I got connected to Joy through one of my favorite wedding's that I shot a couple years ago, Emmy & Alan, who were also at this wedding which made the day even better!! I went out to DC earlier this year which is where the Joy & Minsu live, to do their engagement photos and after spending the whole day with them around town and having some of the best sushi and ice cream at an adorable ice cream shop I fell in love with them and could not WAIT for the wedding! The wedding and reception were both at her dad's church that he's been at for several years and the minute that we walked in I wanted to the dining hall area everywhere there was a electrical outlet there a was a little cooking station with two ladies per station cooking up some of THE most amazing Korean food I've ever had! Whew! Best start to the day and knew it was just going to get better! We shot around Memphis and along the Mississippi River on THE most gorgeous day probably of the entire year. These two were SO amazing to work laid back but with such rad style too made the day SO much more fun to shoot! Plus the love that they show towards each other is the type you just watch and giggle out of sheer happiness for them...that they found someone who fits them so absolutely perfectly. Here are some of the favorite pics of the day. And the ***SLIDESHOW*** of pics too!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jamie ::: Editorial

While up in Vancouver Jamie and I decided to shoot some photos of each other! We trekked out in the POURING rain and switched holding the umbrella and camera to posing real quick under trees or in between downpours. It made for quiet the interesting/FAST photoshoot but I'm so excited how they turned out! Plus Jamie is sooo freaking adorable so couldn't really get a bad shot. Here are some of the favs!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Ellie ::: Editorial

While I was out in Seattle last week I stay with my great friend Ellie... one of THE funniest people I know the laughing was continuous... to the point at the end when saying goodbye I almost passed out in laughter. She has such an amazing aesthtic and has created the cutest little haven in Lower Queen Anne. I was in Seattle for a mini-internship and we needed a model to do a test shoot with... and she was perfect for the job;) Check out some of these pics of her!