Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Insanity!!

Living in Nashville the past year and a half has been wonderful!! I simply LOVE it fits my style so perfectly and I love love love the people. Seriously. This is the place to be. Moving your business though is a tricky thing as you have so many connections and everything in one place and just uprooting and going somewhere else is easier said than done! Although I'm still shooting a ton in Chicago and completely still available there for all types of well as everywhere else in the world...;) I've figured I would actually like to shoot more here while I'm not on the road!
I really pursued the internships this past year or so and have realized that I kinda put photography on the back burner...BUT I still love it so much! Soooo to get that flame back up there I have decided to release this insane photography shoot "sale" or whatever you would call it and just SHOOOOT as much as I can! Since it's what I'm crazy about, I can't go without it for very is your chance!!

Go to my website to contact me at:
**Also all shoots must be scheduled for between now and the end of March, besides the wedding...all shoots scheduled for after are full price.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rachelle ::: Intern

In January I hosted an internship for 8 days that turned out so great! My first internship every year always happens to just have one intern which actually is wonderful for me easing me into the year and them...they get one on one classes everyday! Pretty much win win all the way around! This internship, Rachelle came in from Seattle, WA to learn all about shooting and weddings specifically! It was great to be able to customize the internship to just what she needed! Kinda tempted to do that for every internship..but I wouldn've have a life then...ha! Rachelle was awesome! She wanted to experience Nashville fully which I was all up for too so we did some sightseeing from Loveless Cafe(which is known for it's heavenly biscuits) all the way to the honky tonks downtown!! It was brilliant and quite the experience with all the people we met! Rachelle has been a graphic designer for years so for her to now click into photography is right up her alley and I'm sooo excited where she'll go with it!! Rachelle can't wait to come out and visit in Seattle!! And your little Sunshine too of course!!! ;) Miss you!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Last photoshoot during the internship we shot my friend Brianna! She offered a couple weeks before and I took her up super last minute as she was driving out an hour later to do some shows with her band, Kimber Rising! I LOVE when people are just up for anything like that!! She was amazing to shoot and has such great style it's ridiculous! Check out the couple pics I shot during the fastest model shoot ever!! ha!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jazz & Marisha

If ever two people were more like me than Jazz and Marisha I would seriously question it...I don't know if that could be possible. These two have been my daily companions for the past half year or so...and I love them sooooo crazily it's not even right. We've laughed until we cried, cried until we laughed and everything in between. They are dedicated too as they come and hang out almost everyday and live half an hour away! Unreal. I am sooo blessed that God brought people like them into my life, cause after living on my own for a good year I needed a good "Nashville Family" that we could grow and learn together. They were God's pick for me....and I couldn't be more thankful.
Plus all that, they are rediculously they're fun to take pictures of too;) They offered to model for this past internship...and boy did we have fun as you'll see. Love you all!!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Spring Internships and a new pajama option...

I just released an April and May internship for this year! Get it while you can cause the spring/summer ones fill up FAST!!! And these both are almost completely full! I'm not going to be doing as many internships this year as I'll be offering other learning opportunities...but still wanted to keep this open to people as an option a little while longer. The rate is a tiny bit higher but it's all-expense paid, besides airfare and going out to eat some nights! Can't really beat that! ***SIGN UP HERE!!!***

ALSO....for those who are not able to take a full 6 days of work off there is now a Skype option available for 2 hour one on one sessions! Check it all out ***HERE***

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Brittany & Matt

During the internship last month I asked my incredibly adorable friends, Brittany and Matt to model for us! It was a super easy shoot as the goal was to stay in the parking they KNOW how to work the camera like pros both being in bands here in Nashville. Brittany in an amazing band with her cousins, The Bridges and Matt in Pico vs Island Trees. Both amazing bands that you should definitely check out! Okkk onto the pics!!!