Sunday, October 08, 2006

Amanda and Brendan - So adorable!

On Thursday I shot a rehersal dinner for an adorable couple, Amanda and Brendan!! It was such an amazing night! The whole wedding was taking place down in Wilmington which is awesome because it's just a small little home town! I just shot the rehersal dinner for them since I was already booked the same time as there wedding but they still wanted me to shoot for some time during their weekend which was so fun!!
The dinner was at Amanda's old home that was turned into an amazing bed and breakfast! It was stunning!
I seriously love my job because I get to meet some of the most amazing seeing some incredible architecture really helps too! hehe! ;)
Here is the **slideshow** Enjoy!!!
ps..haha!!! I just noticed after I posted that the two pictures above line up!! That's hilarious because they are two totally separate pictures and I didn't even plan that!! lol!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey missy, I had such a great time with you at dinner the other night. I can't wait until I see you again! Looking at all of your slideshows just makes my heart melt at the love that you capture in these couples. See you soon!

Beth Lange

Mary said...

hi :D my cousin used to go to church with your dad and she showed my your slideshows...i'm sooo in love with your work...i want so badly to be able to capture the emotions in a picture just like you do...any pointers? what kinda camera would you reccomend a beginner to get? :D :D great job...mary.

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Beth!! Thank you so much! I had an awesome time too!! Can't wait till a couple weeks!! I'm sooooo excited for your wedding too!! Yeah!! :)

Hey Mary!
Thank you so much! :) I recommend just getting a digital Canon rebel or a 30d. They are both great cameras!! And once you get one just start shooting!!! And zoom in close on thing to catch those emotions! I can't wait to see your work!