Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rob and Olesya

Right before we left for our vacation I shot a gorgeous little wedding in Naperville last Saturday! It was so beautiful and was at the Naper Settlement which has some really sweet places to shoot! Olesya is from Europe and TOTALLY loved to be in front of the camera which made my job super easy! Here is the **Slideshow** Enjoy!!! :)

Monday, August 28, 2006

A Bridal Shower!!

Yesterday, was one of my best friends, Joy's, bridal shower!
We threw Joy a "Jackie O" themed shower at our friends, the Kruses, farm! It was sooo much fun and it turned out to be a gorgeous day!!! Afterwards, I gathered all the flowers and made a little bouqet for Joy to take matched her dress so well that we couldn't help but to do a little photoshoot! Here is the **slideshow**!! Joy is getting married in 3 weeks and I'm soo excited I can hardly contain myself!! :)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Last day:(

So I'm sitting in my car at 11 at night on my laptop because this is the only place I can get wifi...which is SUCH a good thing because this whole week I've had a very computerless week! It's great!! Tomorrow we are heading back home bright and early! We had to take two cars down here because our family just doesn't fit in one car anymore!! lol!!
Anyways! We have had such an incredible and relaxing vacation! It's been awesome!! I just sat on the dock for hours this morning just reading and thinking! Wow! I never get to do that and I need to do it so much more! (BTW...side note..I am reading this incredible book called "Captivating" EVERYONE should check it out!!! It's so amazing! I'm just in the second chapter and am already blown away! It's basically talking about a woman's heart...but it's just as good for men to read it too to understand us better! lol!)
Tonight we went back to that crazy arcade place and played some more games...I totally rocked at skee ball...I had no idea I was this good!! HAHA!!
Unfortunately I don't have a slideshow from today because we just chilled the whole day...but here is yesterday's **slideshow** Yesterday we went to a place called Bridal Cave! Apparently they have had thousands of weddings IN THE CAVE!! How crazy is that! The even crazier part is that while we were looking through the albums of all the people who have gotten married we saw one of our uncle's!! WHOA!!! Small world!! :) Then last night we all sat around on the dock with our neighbors and sang songs! This is one of my all time favorite things to do because our family would ALWAYS do it at family reunions when I was younger! It's so much fun!!
Well that about wraps up our week! Hope you all enjoyed the slideshows!! :)
Love you all and see you soon!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Real relaxing!!

So yesterday we had an awesome day! We spent most of the day out by the lake swimming, reading, and tanning(burning....)lol!! It was great!!! For lunch Natalie, Andrew and I all went to the grocery store for lunch!! Yeah...I know! Sounds REALLY weird...but it is incredible!! They have this monster buffet and then you can go up to any of the pre-made food areas and get whatever you want from there too! It's crazy!! Good thing we don't have this store around us because we would be there everyday!! :)
Last night we went and walked around the little town...I'm not a very good tourist though..usually I just like to have a vacation = do nothing!! :) But...being the loving person that I am;) hehe! I went along to the different shops.. We went to this big arcade and they had Dance Dance Revolution which I TOTALLY stink at!! LOL! I think I need some more practice at our crazy "Barlow" weddings! Afterwards we went to get some fudge which made it worth the whole night! WHOA!!!...let's just say: monster piece of chocolate cake = quarter size of this fudge!! It's amazing!! I love you all!! Here's the **slideshow** from yesterday!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day 2!!!

Yeah!! So we made it through day 1 alive!! YAY!! hehe!!!
Yesterday was great!!! We went go-carting, shopping, and tons of other things I can't even remember!! lol!!
While we were out shopping we went into Fossil(awesome store BTW) and Andrew picked up these HILARIOUS hats!!! My sister Natalie decided to buy a couple in honor of one of our family members who couldn't be with us this week:(....
Then last night my dad and I went out for dinner at this incredible place called JB Hooks, it is this seafood restaurant on a cliff overlooking 14 miles of the lake! WOW! It was awesome!! And great just getting some time to talk to my dad..because he is high demand these days!!
Check out the **slideshow** from yesterday!! I love you all!!! :)

Monday, August 21, 2006


So we are FINALLY on vacation!!! Yeah!! We actually haven’t had a good solid for no reason vacation in a couple LONG years so this is much needed! We are in Lake of the Ozarks, MO staying at a cottage on the lake! It is so gorgeous and really relaxing too! There is a nice big dock right below our house and you can just go and sit out on it for hours!
Here is the first **slideshow ** from yesterday! Enjoy!! I hope you all have a wonderful RESTFUL week too!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Moving on...

I just had a hard realization today that most of my good friends are moving away!! I just had lunch with my friend/Studio manager Sarah Chellappa who is moving away today to Nashville to go to school there! Then this yesterday afternoon I got together with my friend Jenny who is moving out west onto a farm. My best friend Joy is moving to Michigan and my friend Debbie just moved to Arizona...
As I see them all leave I'm sad...but at the same time I know that God has awesome plans for them all and they're all going to persue that dream! I have a ton more places to travel to too!! I love you all and will miss you sooooo much!

Friday, August 18, 2006

An incredible day!

Me and my aunt Annie who I went down to the Dominican Republic with! :)

Wednesday was an awesome day!! In the afternoon I went to Chicago to meet up with my friend Jessica Claire for lunch...and a little bit of shopping! It was so much fun! Jess is like the best photographer EVER so we had to meet to talk over the details for her doing my wedding...LOL!!!
She's also one of the coolest people so we had a blast!! :)
Wednesday night we headed over to Willow Creek to listen to my cousins(Barlowgirl) do the worship. It was so awesome!
Afterwards we went out to Denny's and hung out. It was so much fun and everytime I'm with them we laugh NON stop!!! It's awesome!!...and painful!! LOL!!!
Here is a little video of their incredible assistant Beka Hardt who is the funniest person in the whole world!!! I would seriously hire her full time just to make me laugh!! It awesome!!!
The second part of the video is this guy that worked at Willow asked the girls to sing a little part of their song...whenever anyone does that Beka makes the situation a ton better by performing an interpretive dance...LOL!!! **Click Here** to watch it:)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Creampuffs and yellow...err...redlights

The past two days were a blast!!!
My friend DJ came in town and we've started a tradition that he comes in every two weeks or so....It's so much fun and everytime he comes he's just another part of the family...we put him right to work on his chores! LOL!!
On Sunday night we ran to pick him up at the airport and then headed right over to help out with my sister Natalie's graduation party! It was so awesome because sooooooo many people showed up that we hadn't seen in a long time!! I LOVE my friends!!
Yesterday, we all slept in and then headed to bowling....let's just say that I won't quit my day job...or my night job for that!!!!! DJ thinks he won the second game...but it was like seeing Jesus walk on water or something...and so since he's not Jesus..I think he hacked the game!!! LOL!!

Last night we had the PUG meeting that DJ was here for and it went GREAT!!! It was an awesome turnout too!! Afterwards we were all reallllly hungry and wanted to go to this little hole in the wall pizza place called Oven Grinders...Unfortunately it was 10:47 and they closed at 11...well we decided that we could make it anyways!! After about 15 blocks...and a couple ACCIDENTAL yellow-red lights(they need to make those yellow lights longer in Chicago!!) we made it there at 11:03!! AHH!! We had, DJ, the only one who could pull off a Mafia look run in to "Give them an offer they can't refuse" all that to say after some bribing, gunfire, and a couple dodged punches we got our pizza and Mediterranean bread! ;) LOL!! The only way they would let us get food is if we got take that's what we did! We stopped by Walgreens and picked up some silverware and then headed over to millennium Park!
It was sooooo hilarious cause we looked like homeless people eating at these benches at 11:45 at night!!! But hey!!! The food was incredible and now we have some AWESOME memories!!! haha!!!
Have a wonderful day everyone!! I love you all!!!
...All the guys in the pictures are DJ, Kevin, Jake, and my brother Andrew.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The time of my life!

Hey everyone!!
Wow!! I think this summer has been like 5 years all wrapped up into 3 months!! It's crazy!

I was driving around today shopping all afternoon for my sister's graduation party tomorrow. It was really strange that in the heat of it all...I was thinking "What am I doing??" am I doing enough? Or is there something so much more that I should be doing?? I guess I'm just starting to get that restless bug again...where I can't stay in the same place for very long, I gotta keep moving up! I'm not saying anything about my business...because I ADORE photography...but lately I'm feeling that there is so much more!! Well we'll see what that is!! Thank God for his wisdom in times like these to always show us the exact way to go!! :)
I love you all! Have an incredible weekend!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My heart.

Lately, I have been praying that God would mold my heart to be exactly what he wants it to be. It is really hard sometimes to do what he wants us to do when we have all our own pre- conceived plans!! I'm so glad that he is always faithful to help us no matter what!! He's awesome! I just posted a post about this on my "Dear Natalie" blog **click here** if you want to check it out! Be blessed!!! I hope you all have a wonderful night! :)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Barlow Army!

Yesterday was our day off so we had a family day! It was great! We were able to go and help a someone out that didn't have any food...after that having 9 people in one car and trying to decide where to go can get a little crazy...well not just a little! We all decided to go into Panda Express and even that is a HUGE ordeal! I think we needed to call and warn the workers before we got there or something because whenever we walk in people probably start looking for the bus outside or something! It's really hilarious! Anyways after about what seemed like 5 hours in the car we made it to one of my favorite parks! We just walked around taking pictures and laying in the grass! It was so refreshing!! Check out the **slideshow**

Monday, August 07, 2006

"It's raining men"

At the wedding on Saturday we were cracking up at the song that was being played, "It's raining men." Well it was definitely true for this wedding as I had 3 crazy guy assitants! hehe! Andrew, Mark, and Jake! They are all hilarious and Andrew has to tell Jake to stop making me laugh so that I can drive. lol!
Anyways it was a blast at the wedding this weekend because we had a little free time while people were eating so we went outside for a little photoshoot with all the crazy signs that we saw!

Alicia & Michael:)

On Saturday I shot a great wedding for Alicia and Michael!
It was at a gorgeous green house in Joliet and everything was just so pretty!
I always enjoy going to weddings and meeting new people!! It's so much fun seeing so many different personalities and getting to know them! I love it!!!
Here is the **slideshow** from it! Enjoy! :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Fashion engagement shoot!

I know I know! I've been in the fashion craze right now!! lol!
This shoot was so much fun and they actually weren't models but they were so good at their poses that we talked about hiring them! Haha!
Andrea and Tovey are getting married next week and we did their engagement session a little while ago. They are seriously so much fun! Andrea just moved here from Italy which is where Tovey and him met. We wanted to fly there for the shoot but...well we just wouldn't want to come back! LOL!!
Click **here** for the slideshow:)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fashion Shoot Slideshow!

Hey everyone!! Here is the **slideshow** that I promised from the fashion shoot that I did last week! Enjoy!! I hope you all are having an incredible week!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sweet home Chicago!

Yeah!! My friend Sarah and I are at the mac store right now getting out of the heat of downtown Chicago!! It is soo awesome down here and I always LOVE coming!! I could so live down here...or at least have a house down here for the weekends or something!! What do we do when we come down here?? Shop?? Yeah right!! LOL! We're on the computer! What is this generation coming to??
We're down here to celebrate Sarah's birthday/graduation/anything else incredibly awesome that she's doing!!
We both left our cameras at we got excited since there's PHOTOBOOTH(the most addicting program ever!) here!! Yeah!!