Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stephen ::: Fashion ::: Concrete & Stripes

One of my favorite fashion shoots to date. Stephen and I headed out to take some more editorial type shots around downtown Nashville last week to expand his portfolio... shot far too many but the end product I'm so happy with! I'm so excited to see his modeling career take off! He was just added to the Amax site and is already getting some sweet gigs! You'll see plenty more of him in the future.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mat ::: Fashion ::: Bocce

Last week I shot Mat at the Werthan lofts here in Nashville! It ended up being one of the coldest days of course in Nashville this spring but the shoot turned so wonderful! Mat is a model for Amax and we were working on adding to his portfolio as well as mine. Everything came together so well... and thanks to Stephen for styling and setting up the shoot! Here is the first set of pics! More to come!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Stephen ::: Fashion ::: Grit Rock

Finishing up from the last post the second look that we tried was a very old rock, Marc Jacobs sort of feel. Absolutely LOVE how they turned out. I'm learning more and more about directing as well. With all other types of photography most of the emotion is there. But with this more editorial/fashion style where it could just be the photographer and model and some music you have to really create the emotion that is needed. A challenge but a good one that got me to think outside of the box so much more.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Stephen ::: Fashion ::: Yacht Club

Lately I have really been getting more into fashion & editorial photography and am LOVING it. The creating and concepting everything to the post processing afterwards has open my eyes to so much more and brought back a lot more passion to my art. After shooting for more than 6 years it can start getting mundane here and there but to throw in a new style and and avenue is so exciting. Then to be able to bring that through to all my other areas of photography is even more exciting!
My friend Stephen has been helping me a lot in this area as he has been working on his model portfolio for his agency but then also has an eye as far as art direction goes.
While creating a concept for another shoot we stumbled upon a spread that we HAD to recreate. The first one here is more Yacht club/old hollywood style. Let me know what you guys think, lots more to come!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Esther & Dave ::: Engagement

This past weekend Esther & Dave drove down from Chicago for the weekend to do a little photoshoot here before their wedding in April. We met up at the local coffee shop Fido and hung out for an hour getting to know them a little better! I LOVE them! We hit it off so well and my favorite was how they met...Dave hearing Esther's laugh in the library at school and peaking around the corner to see her to then them becoming friends and he constantly hearing her laugh from the dorm above. They fell in love and make such a beautiful couple that compliment each other so so well. Here are some of the favorite pics! Can't wait to shoot their wedding in a few weeks!! **CLICK HERE** for the slideshow too!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Grail Ives ::: Music

Yesterday, my friend Stephen aka Grail Ives released his first single: Wrapped in Shadows on iTunes! I am so so excited for him as it's been a work in progress and to finally see it all come together is so amazing! Plus it sounds killer! Go buy it NOW!!!
I did the cover artwork for this project: photography and design. It's a really different style for me..but I'm LOVING branching out more and more! We had the concept of doing something very greek mythological, like the old romantic paintings. It was fun just making things up as we went along, this shot was more of a mistake then anything...but it ended up being our favorite!

Also, I was also able to shoot in the studio, during the creation of this song, several different days to get some super raw photos...check those out below as well!