Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The many faces of Mark Barlow

So to continue with the photoshoots of my brothers and sisters we move onto my brother Mark. (My brother John has been begging for a photoshoot but he was gone yesterday so I did Mark first)
Now Mark has always been the "different" one in the family. LOL He is a huge ball of energy and is just like the energizer bunny that never runs out!
He loves to take things apart all the time. I think he could probably do anything he wants in life and be amazing at it.
When he was little he would say and do the funniest things that we would call "Mark Classics" some of the included putting a cassette tape in the toaster and turning the toaster on; sitting on the toilet seat backwards; carving his initials in the toilet seat THEN denying it!! Most of the funny things that he did did revolve around the toilet because that used to be his second home and would spend hours in there everyday just reading! HAHA!
Some of the funny thing he said when he was little is: "Why didn't Adam and Eve just eat the snake??" "If God is eternal than how old was Jesus when he was born?"
Yeah...definitely the different one..but we love him!! :)
Here is his **slideshow** Enjoy!


OpenSourcePhoto said...

Nice! You stallion you!

J@KE said...

Mark totally rocks!!!!!! He's totally one of my favorite Barlows! lol.

I love the slideshow song and the faces are great too. It's totally mark. Do you think I say totally too much???? lol. ;-)

So when are you gonna do my photoshoot?


PS Thanks for letting me come over and finish the movie and for being real with me.

mark barlow said...

i hadnt seen the slideshow yet
its awesome!thanks sarahannephotography! u rock jake!ur a mustang dj, u rock2

Kevin Von Qualen said...

thats awesome! headshots for the next "top young actor!"

Shyla said...

oooh... #40 is my favorite... you stud you!
I agree that whatever little marky puts his hands to will be a success! The kid is a barlow for crying out loud...they just exude success!!

Anonymous said...

OMG...I think Mark and I would be GREAT friends!! :) I just think he's so awesome!! :)

Debbie Garon said...

I remember when he was little and we called him Marky and he had thatr crazy bleach blonde curly hair that was so pretty and he would just run around like crazy getting into everything he could. :)

Anonymous said...

My name is Mark Barlow! I am also a ball of energy, though I never carved anything into the toilet...