Sunday, November 26, 2006

A time for craziness and a time for rest.

Well, we just finished our family reunion last night by going out and celebrating my grandma's 70th birthday! It was great!
We had a fun time the past couple days hanging out with our cousins that we never see and my aunts and uncles! It was awesome! I just got back from the gym because we ate SO MUCH!!! LOL! My mom is from a family of four sisters so all they do is talk and we just sit back and laugh hysterically because usually no one even makes sense but at least they are speaking their mind!! hehe!
Here is a little **slideshow** of Thanksgiving day, we had dinner then went to the lake! It was gorgeous! My cousin Callie, Natalie, and I all were kinda bored while the guys were playing football so we did little photoshoots all around the park. Enjoy!
PS..I'll post pics from the BIG photoshoot hopefully tomorrow:)


mark said...

looks like a chaotic blast of a fun time. haha
loving the photographers in casts theme.
hurry up and be healed already, we have some photo shooting to do!

Debbie Garon said...

Hey love, your slide show was great! your mom looks so happy!!! I'm sorry i didnt make it to church gas:( Anyways I just wanted to say i love you and maybe we can get together on tuesday if you dont have anything going on!!! Oh go read my blog... I LOVE YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Sarah? Why is your cousin in a cast, TOO??

*sinister music plays*

Hee, hee, I'm just kidding of course. It looks like you all had a great time hanging out as a family! Isn't it great when the whole clan gets together and fritters away time??

Natalie Joy said...

HAHA!!! Sam!! My Aunt is soooooooooo gonna love you for thinking that shes our cousin!!!:)

Natalie Joy said...

oh yeah..she broke her arm..:(

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! She looks a couple years older than Sarah!

And of course she'll love me. I'm adorable. ^_^

joy n. said...

btw sarah, i forgot to tell you at lunch! funny story:

my father in law is a psychologist, so he works with a lot of soon-to-be-married clients. anyways, he was asking them how wedding plans were, and they mentioned that the only thing they were really disappointed about was that they couldn't get the photographer they wanted. later, he showed them the slide show of our wedding. when it came to the end and your name came up, they said, "She got the photographer we wanted!! Sarah Anne Photography! We've heard so many great things about her, how did Joy get her?"

:) how did i get her. puh-lease.

Sarah Barlow said...

omg! haha!! Joy that made my day! Wow that is hilarious!!!
A little while ago I was shooting a wedding and this couple comes up and is like "Hey Sarah!!" and I'm like "Oh gosh! Hi! I don't remember how I know you! I'm sorry!" and I actually had booked them a couple months earlier for their wedding next year! Small world!!

It was soooooooo awesome seeing you the other day!! I miss you so much already:)

Sarah Barlow said...

BTW you NEED to join Facebook!! Like allll our old friends are on there and I just started a Praise Fellowship Friends group! So much fun and a great way to stay connected! You would be so surprised who you find on there!...Warning it's REALLY addicting though!

joy n. said...

i'm already on facebook, silly.
well, as of last week. so not so silly. i think your brother found me.

Sarah Barlow said...

Haha!! yeah right after I wrote that I found you!! Sweet!!! Love you!

Natalie Joy said...

Wait sam...Just to clear things up...the one with the arm cast is my aunt janet and the one that looks about sarahs age in the second pic is our cousin...just making sure you knew the difference:)!
And yes..everyone thinks your adorable!:)

Anonymous said...

Natalie, so how many young ladies with casts were there at your house?? Holy cats, man!

(And for the record, all the ladies with casts looked to be in their 20's.)

*narrows eyes* Methinks some of these "accidents" aren't so accidental!!