Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Wow! After that little blog marathon of all the catching up from last weekend, things started to slow down a bit which is so GREAT! I love it when you still feel super busy so your mind is still running and coming up with ideas but you can actually just sit back and think and pray about them too!
I'm so excited about the next couple months and even though they are going to be crazy busy, I feel like it's going to be the next stage in becoming who God has called me to be! I almost feel like my head is spinning right now with everything that I want to do, but I have to make sure I take those little baby steps and start moving forward rather than biting it all off at the same time and getting overwhelmed!
It's also so important to surround yourself with people who will always challenge you to go farther and higher than you ever thought you could go! I am so blessed to be surrounded with people like that all the time, it's one of the most valuable things in my life! Find some people who will kick your butt into action and run with them it will take you to the next level. I hope you all are having an amazing life so far and dreaming extra big because even that's not big enough!!
PS. The picture above I thought was so awesome I grabbed it off my friend DJ's(one of my friend's who challenges me!) blog from our awesome breakfast yesterday with my dad and friend Brett at the top of the Hancock building! AMAZING!!


Anonymous said...

Is that Chicago?? Man...Ive always wanted to go there...when I do, Im gonna make you give me a tour :)
Did ya know they're thinking about hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics there?

Brett Austin said...

Sarah! It was so great to get to meet you "in person" finally and to have such a great conversation over lunch! You and your dad are awesome!

I look forward to the chance to meet the rest of the Barlow crew whenever I get back out to Chicago.

Holritz Photography said...

I know things are going to work out well for you! You're awesome!

- N

Mary Bess said...

what an awesome post and so, so true!! I see such amazing things in your future Miss Barlow!

It's also really important to surround yourself with cheerleaders who are always there jumping up and down for you, and that's what you've been to us Sarah...I hope you know how much we appreciate that and also that we will always be right here jumping up and down for you too!!!


Sarah Renée said...

Hahaha, once again, our lives parallel... :)

Mellimage said...

Can't wait to be in the city again!