Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The O's

My adorable sister Olivia's birthday was yesterday! She turned 4 years old and I still remember like it was yesterday the day she was born! Craziness! She is such an amazing blessing to our whole family and makes us laugh all the time! Plus, she is ALL girl. She said that she wanted clothes for her birthdy! haha! We're training her up right! I took her to Panera for lunch yesterday for a Sarah - Oli date! We talked about what we want to be when we grow up and ice skating. She wants to be a mommy, ice skater, teacher, and doctor! I love it!
She wanted to wear part of her new flapper dressup outfit to Panera which was just so cute!
We had a little party in the afternoon out by the beach at my cousins which is all she wanted to do for her birthday! We had such a great relaxing time as always! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY O!! :)


Emily DeWan Photography said...

Too cute! I need a flapper girl dress like hers :)

Jasmine said...

every girl needs a flapper dress!! i LOVE it!! :)
happy b-day o!

J@KE said...

I'm so glad i don't have to wear a flapper dress..... But "O" looks very cute in it. Happy Birthday Oli!

God Bless you and I hope to see you soon,


Anonymous said...

She's so cute!!
I wish I had a lil sis :(

Shyla said...

Oli Oli Ox-N-free!!!
Happy birthday baby girl!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Emily! I KNOW!! I want a flapper dress too!

Jake...I'm very glad about that too.