Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Amazing birthday weekend!!

Yeah!! I'm actually NOT a teenager anymore! I definitely feel old now;) lol!
Saturday was my 20th birthday and we had such an amazing time! I fully enjoyed THE whole day from midnight to midnight(with a little sleep in between;) We started the day by watching my one of my favorite movies, Flyboys, amazing btw! For lunch the whole family went out for Thai food at my favorite Thai place ever(My all time favorite Greek place closed down so I had to settle for my second favorite...haha!) Afterwards we headed to the mall where my parents bought me...drum roll please...dishes!! :) lol! Yes, I am officially old now asking for dishes for my birthday! They are the cutest Italian dishes ever from Crate and Barrel and they were just discontinuing them so I HAD to have them! :) They're AMAZING, I can't wait to use them!
We then headed to the gorgeous Morton Arboretum to just relax and chill by the lake! I love just laying in the grass and looking up at the sky! I could do it all day. Afterwards Andrew, Natalie, and I headed out to get a GPS system for my car! Last week when I was in Nashville DJ had a GPS for the rental car and we ALWAYS knew where we were going so after that I was hooked especially since I get lost at almost every wedding! lol! Then we ended the night with Sushi and walking around the lake testing the new Nike + systems that my brother bought for him and I! Soooo sweet!
Yesterday my sister through together a little dinner with a couple of my closer friends at The Cheesecake Factory! Total HEAVEN! I'm absolutely so blessed by the friends God has put into my life! I have the most amazing time with all of them and laugh non stop! Here is a little slideshow from the weekend...crazzzy pictures at the end when we were high on cheesecake! lol! I love you all!


kristen leigh photography said...

That is awesome Sarah! Happy, Happy Birthday!
I miss everyone over there so much

btw... those dishes are fabulous!

Heart Cry... said...

There are some really great pictures in there- family and friends! I'm glad you had a great birthday. =)

Studio Foto said...

Happy Birthday!! I can hardly remember that age. My the next year bring you happiness and good fortune.

Ben Dodds said...

I'm a day late and a dollar short... so here it goes..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Aah... to be 20!!!

Kevin Von Qualen said...

yay! happy birthday!!

Samantha F. said...

A SUPER time was had by all!!! I'm not surprised that you have so many posts under the label of "Fun Times!" They're your specialty!! I don't know anyone else who can make a 45 minute wait for a table fun! ^_^

I loved the slide show, and I loved all your friends! We need to go some place for laser tag soon!

J@KE said...

Sorry I missed the fun but it looks like ya'll did alright without me. ;-)

The dishes are great and I'm totally gald you're not a teenager anymore so like I said on the phone Happy Birthday and my God bless this next year. :-)

Love the slideshow!


Sarah Barlow said...

Thank you all so much!

Kristen we miss you so much too! 2 weeks baby! Yeah, can't wait for you to see the dishes in real life their a million times prettier.

Rebecca actually alot of them Andrew and Mark took!

Haha! Sam! Yeah, my whole life should be catagorized under fun times! lol! :) Can't wait for Laser tag!

Jake, I guess we managed pretty well without you but you BETTER be there next time!! haha! :)