Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ignite Chicago!

Well I have about 4 blog posts from this weekend so this will be the first! I'm finally trying to get caught up with everything! It's been a seriously awesome week though! And today topped it off with going to meet with my personal trainer for the first time! Let me tell you..she kicked my BUTT!! Oh man..I though I was going to die! lol! But she did say that I'm strong like a really good athlete so I'm excited about that...but after she said that she made my work out so much harder! lol!
Anyways, we all went to Ignite Chicago on Saturday. It was a big festival with a bunch of different bands including my cousins, Barlowgirl. They did wonderful! There was a little delay at the beginning with the soundboard messing up so Beka Hardt had to entertain the crowd which was amazing! It's at the beginning of the slideshow!
Check it out! Also, there's some pictures of Rebecca St. James at the end! She's AMAZING too!!

The REAL Barlowgirl post is coming up soon!! Can't wait!


sara beth said...

What an incredible family with such gifted young women. I love these pictures. As someone who listens to these artist on a daily basis (I have a 16 year old who cannot go any where without her barlow girls) I love these images. As a photographer who connects deeply through the art, I adore these. I can feel the electricity in the place. I love them! I have been following your work for a few months now. Great stuff!

Brad Person said...

Nice job Sarah. Looks like fun! Can't wait to hear the new BG album!

Anonymous said...


J@KE said...

OK so it looked like a pretty rockin' show and if I wasn't at church I would've been there.

Great pics Sarah!

Totally love RSJ's top!



Shyla said...

uh-oh... DJ's gonna be jealous you saw RSJ!!!

Sarah Renée said...

Yeah that show looks awwwwwesome! I sooo wish I could've been there, but unfortunately, driving back from Philly takes a while... :-/

At least I can see your great pictures & get the feel for what it was like! :)