Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh yeah...

After the wedding on Sunday we all headed downtown Chicago for some fun times!
We wanted to show Josh, Lyn, and Sarah Chellappa's friend Amaryah, Chicago since they hadn't been here before! It's always so much fun to take people of tours of the city! We walked around for awhile, then tried to find a fun restaurant to take them to. We tried the 95th floor of the Hancock building but I don't think they liked us because we weren't dressed very formal! haha!
We headed to Maggiano's for some AMAZING Italian food! I love that place! We also decided to celebrate Sarah's birthday which is coming up tomorrow! We had the most fun we've had in awhile! Thank God we are not old enough to drink because we already act crazy enough without it! Although it seemed like someone spiked our drinks;) lol! Here are some pics! :)

Sarah joining in on the dance party out in some random parking lot...

One of the more tame pictures in front of the Apple store! lol

The beautiful Sarah!! We surprised her with a Tiramisu birthday cake!

The extremely sad balloons that I found tied up outside of the restaurant that I decide to give Sarah as a gift! I'm sooo generous!

The love of my life! LOL

Our crazy group!!!

We had such an amazing time!! I think I need to do this more often!! We only live this life once you know!! :)


Sarah Renée said...

Yayyy :) You guys are the best! And that tiramisu birthday cake=YUMMMMMMM.

That first picture cracks me up--it doesn't even look like I'm in the car! And Jake is lookin like, "Uhh, Sarah Barlow, where did you find this girl???" lol!

Thanks to all of you guys for allowing me to let loose after a crazy summer :) That was the best group ever--I miss Josh, Lyn, & Amaryah already!

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh yeah...I'm definitely craving some of that cake right about now!

How did you know that's what Jake was saying?? He told me not to tell you! lol!
We HAVE to do that again tomorrow! :)

J@KE said...

Ummmmm I didn't say any of those things........ But that doesn't mean I wasn't thinkin' it.... LOL just kidding.

Sarah I had a really great time even though I ran out of gas at the end (sorry about that but you know I'm gettin' pretty old) and we totally should do that again..... Wedding, Downtown and all!

let me know when is best to do North&South. :-)


Natalie Joy said...

heyyyy, we cant both have the same love of our life!:P

Sarah Renée said...

Haha! Yeah, we should definitely get that goin tomorrow! I dunno what I'm gonna do if you guys aren't there!!

Oh it's alright, Jake, I'm glad you're curtious enough to keep your thoughts to yourself ;) And don't worry, w/ only 3 hours of sleep, you have a really good excuse! North&South? Liiiike....roadtrip? Or...?

Natalie, I honestly didn't get your! :) It's ok, we love you anyways!! Haha~!

Natalie Joy said...

sarah i was talking about zac efron. yeah its kinda unclear, sorry i think its kinda an inside joke;)

Joshua Smith-Cinematographer said...

I had a blast with you guys!