Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dream wedding!

Ahhh....what a weekend!
Yesterday, I shot one of the most incredible weddings I've been too! It was like a beautiful dream! The weather was beyond perfect, the location of the wedding(The Narnia Estate) I could shoot at for every wedding and not get tired of it, and the bride and groom Abby and Ben. The two met in high school, went to college together and fell in love along the way. They complement each other so perfectly in every way! It's amazing! One of my favorite things about the wedding and Abby and Ben was that the whole thing was so musical! It reminded me of my families weddings! So many people sang including Abby and Ben who sang two songs to each other! It was perfect!
Here is the slide show with their theme song....

Another thing that made this wedding even more incredible, if that was possible, was that I basically had my dream team along! I only recommend people if they are someone I would use for my wedding, so being pretty picky..I only recommend two vendors on my site. My friend Christine Stahl for makeup and hair and Josh Smith doing videography(and his AWESOME assistant Lyn). My bride was so smart and hired both of them!! It was amazing to work with them at the same time and they did an incredible job! I love it!! Also, my amazing friend Sarah Chellappa came for her first wedding to learn and the famous Jake Preedin came along to assist! You guys are the best!
Have an amazing night you all!!


Emily DeWan Photography said...

How beautiful! I love the guys jumping!

Joshua said...

I had a blast shooting along side you guys!

nicole green said...

i LOVE the last few of them in the field. they're beautiful!

J@KE said...

That was by far the best wedding we've ever done and I'm truly honored to have been invited to take part in it.

Now if I could just get a camera that works, we'd really be in business LOL :-P

Thanks goes out to Alex Voigt for letting me borrow his camera for the event. Alex you are a LIFESAVER!!!!

Sarah as always it's a pleasure working with you and I hope you will continue to invite me to do so.... Until next time I remain...."the famous Jake Preedin"

Sarah Renée said...

What a great wedding to start learning in!! If that was the best wedding so far, I'm afraid I'll be disappointed at whatever weddings I end up at next!

The group you got together was awesome I, too, am so glad to have been a part of it! It was especially great to finally meet the amazing Josh Smith and his outstanding assistant Lyn! :)

And of course, finally being able to free up w/ you and our amazing friends was the cherry on top :)
...I swear someone spiked our waters!

Studio Foto said...

I absolutely LOVE the white tux!!! I love when grooms do something different. Looks like an amazing couple.

Ginger Murray said...

How did I miss this post??

Those are so awesome!
What a good looking couple to shoot too.
Such a good song choice. I haven't heard it before! I'm going to have to get it! It was so pretty!