Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Julie and JB!

Ok...I have to catch up on my blogging! haha!
Everything with my job is a small world because I really only get my jobs from personal referrals which makes everything so much more interesting too!
Julie was at a wedding that I shot back in January which is where she found out about me and JB was a groomsman in a wedding that I shot last year! Too funny! Anyways, I did their engagement session last Sunday right after Jasmine and Warren's shoot. We headed up to Julie's grandmother's house in Indiana right on Lake Michigan! It was SUCH a gorgeous place to shoot plus Julie and JB are just so fun! I was laughing most of the time! I love it!! They actually met in grade school which I think is so absolutely adorable! It's so funny to because I've had alot of couples with the same story recently! So cute! I can't wait to shoot their wedding in August!! Here is the slideshow! :)


BethLaurren said...

that's an awesome dress! I love the starting photo with thier names in the sand!

Have fun in Nashville and come home soon!

(btw...I booked that wedding for this Saturday!!! I'm really excited!)

Ginger Murray said...

What a beautiful location to shoot at...
Love the pic of them in the canoe, and the one where they're in the grass and he's dipping her back.
So sweet.

Sarah Barlow said...

BETH!!! I'm soooo excited for you shooting the wedding tomorrow! You are going to do AMAZINGLY!

Thank you so much Ginger! They were a blast to shoot, I could definitely shoot there all the time!