Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th of July....still in some parts of the world!

What a day! I'm really falling more and more in love with Tennessee every day that I'm here! Yesterday, I met up with my friends DJ and Nathan and Amber Holritz. We went downtown Nashville for Sushi then started heading to Chattanooga for the 4th to hang out with my aunt and see the gorgeous house she just built! Well I DEFINITELY wasn't disappointed to say the least! This house is just a couple hundred feet from the lake and when I wake up in the morning all I see is water! It's AMAZING and I don't want to leave! haha! Anyways..on the way to Chattanooga we stopped for gas but the only place we could find was waaaaaay out in the country! As we were pulling up we found out that it was literally grand central station! Check out the video here! Toooo funny!(for some reason it's not letting me embed it so just click on the link and I'll try to fix it in the morning:)
This morning started with just heading out and sitting by the lake
and paparazzi shooting a tiny wedding they were having over on the dock next to us(just couldn't help it!)!Then this afternoon we went jet skiing I got to drive for the first time which was such a blast!! I totally want to get a jet ski sometime in my life:) Hopefully I'll have a video from that soon!

(Me and Addison, Nathan and Amber's adorable little daughter! I just love her so much!)
We just chilled by the lake all afternoon and by the pool tonight then headed to the fireworks which we watched from this really tall hill, and looking out over a valley! So gorgeous! I'm soooooo blessed with the AMAZING friends and family I have! I love you all!
PS...this last picture is of tonight from my bedroom window of the moon and does the view NO JUSTICE but just imagine how pretty it is;) haha!


Ginger Murray said...

LOL! Love the paparazzi shot!
... Can't say I haven't taken photos very much like that one though, haha!
Looks like you had a good time. I love family time on the 4th. Looks like you had good weather, too!

Ginger Murray said...

ps... I want a jet ski too. I've only been on one 2 times... but they're really sweet.

BethLaurren said...

You're so pretty Sarah. I'm so glad you had such a great day yesterday!

Natalie Joy said...

Now I'm realllllllly jealous! ugh.
Give Addie a HUGE hug for me:) (oh and Dj and Nathan and Amber and Aunt Janet:)

Shay said...

Dude, and I thought your aunt janet had a nice house, when I saw the last one...maybe I should call her up next time I'm in the chattanooga area and take her up on the "stop by anytime" invite!

Samantha F. said...

*Deep, contented sigh*

Sarah, I miss you like a TON, but the time you are having sounds so satisfying that it makes up for having to share you with the deep south!! You KNOW you're going to have to teach me to jet ski!!

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family, *shrugs* you're just beautiful, Sarah. =)

Captivating Studios said...

Love the jet ski driving! You go girl! Happy belated 4th!

carla ten eyck said...

Looks like you had a blast! We had a super giant orange moon here in CT the night before- it was gorgeous and I did not do it justice but was happy to see we see the same moon! ;)

Liana said...

WOW - Addison is getting BIG!! So how long will you be in TN? Prolly not thru next week (hoping our paths would collide!) Miss ya!

Sarah Renée said...

That place looks beautiful!!! The scene from your window reminds me of Cape Cod :)

Sarah Barlow said...

Ginger, yes the weather was AMAZING! Couldn't have been better! I TOTALLY felt like asking them if they wanted some shots of their wedding because they didn't even have a photographer!:( Maybe they'll find this blog..haha!

Beth, you totally made my day! I love you so much:)

OMG! Shay you HAVE to go there! It will definitely change your life! Seriously.

Oh Sam! I love you so much! I really miss you too! We soooo have to go jet skiing sometime! Maybe for the girls retreat??? :)

Sarah Barlow said...

Carla! Yeah! I watched the moon actually rise! It was INCREDIBLE!

Liana! I miss you so much! I'm here only until Monday morning..When do you get here??? So wish I could see you!

Oh Sarah it was!! Ugh...I HAVE to go to Cape Cod! :)

Ginger Murray said...

They didn't have a photographer??
Oh my goodness!!
That pretty much breaks my heart!
Hopefully someone took a photo or two.