Thursday, July 12, 2007


My cousins were finally featured on the cover of the huge christian music magazine CCM!! I'm so proud of them!! It's a wonderful article about there lives recently and what God's been working in them! It is AMAZING what he's done through them in such a short amount of time! If you have a Christian bookstore around you I HIGHLY recommend to pick up this magazine! Super exciting too is that two of my pictures made it in here!! The two black and white ones!! I can't wait till their cd release on July 24th when I can show you the whole slideshow from the shoot!!!
In other AMAZING friend/studio manager Sarah just became an intern today too!! She got a brand new 30d and is going to start tagging along to some weddings with me to learn photography! I knew that she would get sucked in!! I'm so incredibly excited for her!

I love you all so much!! The slideshow is coming soon from 7/7/07!! :)


Morgan Matters said...

YEA SARAH!!!!!!! WOOHOO and another is added to the team :) Have fun with your new camera!

Ginger Murray said...

They TOTALLY deserve a front cover pic! Love their music, and their messages. Such great role models and music makers..I could go on and on, but you know how great they are!

And congrats about getting your pics published too!!! That is SUPER exciting!

Jojo M from CLC said...

I love the barlow girls music!!!
I have one of there cd's!

rowena said...

That is just SUPAH! Can't wait to see that long awaited slideshow. Awesome too that you got some pics in there, way to go Sarah!!!!

grasmick said...

Congrats on getting published! And give your cousins my regards, and I look foward to the new CD.

abigail smith said...

That's awesome about your cousins getting the front cover! And even better is that they used YOUR pictures in the article! How great is that?!? So cool.