Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Yay! I finally found my second home, Panera, for some internet! I made it out to Nashville yesterday afternoon. I LOVE it here so much and am definitely wanting to buy a place out here..not to live full time but just whenever I want... My amazing friend Brianna came and picked me up from the airport and we headed straight out for some site seeing and shopping! Brianna is someone that I could definitely say is a "kindred spirit" we can just talk and talk for hours about everything, and laughing most of the time! It's just so great! I'm so blessed by her! I took her yesterday to my favorite place in all Tennessee called Natchez trace. It's a long parkway that connects about 3 states. Anyways, it has a gorgeous REALLY high bridge that I love to just walk across and look out over the valley! It's so breathtaking!
She also took me to basically heaven, it's this place called West Haven. Really it's just a neighborhood of new houses but every house that they are building is my favorite! It's amazing...I think I'm going to buy a town home there or something! I'll post some pictures of it when I go past it today! YEAH! Love you all!


Mary Bess said...

be safe and have a wonderful time darlin!


Natalie Joy said...

hahhahhahahah when you said i think im gonna buy a town home it looked like you said a town:P lol
looks like fun! wish I was there! UGH I looove nachos trace:P have fun! tell everyone I say hi!

Natalie Joy said...

Wheres the showit border????;)

Studio Foto said...

Looks like an amazing place. Our equivalent is a dream of buying a small place in Alaska. We did a 2 week camping/photo trip and fell in love. Isn't amazing how a place can feel so inviting yet be far from your "home" hope you have a great trip


Sarah Barlow said...

HAHAH! Yeah, Natalie I'm not settling for a house or anything less..I'm just going for a TOWN!

Studio Foto! WOW! A place in Alaska would be UNREAL!! Hope your able to get it!