Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The last page.

I was having my quiet time this morning and opened my journal to realize I only have one full page left! It's kinda sad... but exciting at the same time! I totally swear by journaling and picked it up when I was probably 12. It's so amazing to look back in the old ones to see what has happened, what God has taught me, and how much I've matured! LOL! This has definitely been the best journal yet and because every single one has been better than the last I can't wait to open a new one! It's so funny that it happened right after I posted the post yesterday about all the new things going on in the next couple months too! What perfect timing! Now just to find a cute new one cause I really loved this last one!! :)
I can't wait for my kids to read these journals someday and see what God has done and how faithful he is in every way! Yeah!


Scarlett Lillian said...

Glad everything is going wonderful for you!

"God is good all the time and all the time God is good!"

You reminded me, I need to get a new prayer journal also, I'm getting to the end of mine too. :-)

J@KE said...

I must confess I'm not the faithful journaler I should be but I do keep one (from time to time). I think mine is about 4years old! I write stuff in there in sporadic intervals (at best).... Mostly about what is going on in my life at the time and what God is teaching me in those situations. It is fun to look back and see how far you've come.

Great post!


Ginger Murray said...

That's so cool... I have never stuck to one journal.. I'm always switching it up. It'd be much more convenient to have it in one spot, sill me.

Mike Larson said...

i dig this post, my wife journals, i do it a little bit, but i always look back and am amazed at where i was and encouraged to see what God has done in my life since. cheers!

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Scarlett! Yeah God is definitely good...he's AWESOME!!! :)

Hey Jake, yeah, I'm pretty terrible when it comes to documenting my life in a regular journal! I just started a blog to write everything there! But my prayer journal I write in everyday:) Cause it's fun!

Ginger! hahah!! I totally used to do the same thing..I think it's because I bought too many cute journals that I coulnd't decide what one to write in! lol!

Mike! Thanks! Yeah, it is THE best to look back and it's always such an encouragent too keeps our faith high! :)

Jamie Delaine said...

Sarah I am SO the same way! I have a handful of full journals and I love to read back on the entries and to see how God has strengthened me through things I have gone through. Journalling is amazing. :)