Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Ahh..I love traveling so much! It really makes me get what I absolutely need to get done at home, done very fast! I've been on a roll the past couple days and have to edit 3 weddings today and tomorrow but no big deal I'll just blast loud music and drink lots of um...I can't think of what I drink that is caffeine..yikes!! I better start up a habit! lol! :)
I just updated my calendar on my **website** so you can see all where I'm going in the next couple months! It's going to be sooo busy but exciting!!
I'm also updating my website a little bit so you'll see a couple changes in the next couple weeks but I'll let you know when all the fun stuff is up there!
Ok..back to work.. and to workout! Whew I gotta run!!
I love you all!!

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Braeden Rogers said...

Hit those weights!