Wednesday, October 31, 2007 life!

Today has just been one of those days...come to think of it the past month has just been one of those months!! I am just so enthralled with life lately! God has blessed me so amazingly in so many ways that he has really left me speechless!
I've set aside Wednesday's now as my "No work, just relationships day" I finally just got on the computer now which I'm so excited for and I really want to live my life more like this! It's so freeing to not have to be tied to this glaring screen all the time!
This morning I had an amazing breakfast with my best friend Rebecca and we've now set it that we will have breakfast once a week together because if we don't schedule then it will never happen and business will just take over! Then lunch with my incredible friend Beth who encourages me so much! Then errands in the afternoon while talking to some friends on the phone...and to top it off a wonderful night with my family which is soooo rare!
Relationships are really the core of everything and I would be nothing without them! I could build a huge business but if I don't invest in my relationships after all is said and done I will have NOTHING!!
INVEST NOW in your relationships because if you wait they might not be there to invest in!! :)
PS...SUPER side not and actually what I was going to write this post about...while having family night we watched an insane movie called The Prestige. It was THE most interesting movie I have ever watched and my mind is still whirling from it..(maybe that's the reason for this random post)..but if you haven't seen it you REALLY should! It's an incredible movie based on magicians and the whole movie is basically a magic trick!!(watning...not for the faint at heart!:) invest in those relationships!!;) lol!!


BethLaurren said...

I keep looking at Marlene and Jeremey's shoot......I love them. So much. Nick is soooooo dreading having engagement shots taken :) Let's torture him just a little...!

David B. Hoffman said...

Very insightful thoughts. I really liked that movie too once I could get my head around it. Keep up the beautiful work. -David Rom 8:39

Sarah Barlow said...

Thank you Beth!! Ahh! I love that Nick is dreading the pics! That is THE best kind to work with!! SOOO can't wait!! Oh will torture him alright! lol!!

Heather Paulsen said...

Ahh. I love wednesdays as well...husbands day off of work!

Before kids, my best friend and I, went out for b-fast every Friday. That was an amazing time. We try to talk on the phone at least once a week and normally they're about an hour long phone conversations...gotta love nap time!

Sounds like you had a wonderful day!
heather (you can check out what we did on our Wed. relationship day;-)

Ginger Murray said...

I love that shot of you, Sarah!

I totally agree about investing in relationships. Honestly, I use Facebook a ton to do that! I'm keeping in touch with people I normally wouldn't have due to lack of time in life and such... it's a great tool! My parents have told me that once they got married, they didn't keep up their relationships, and they regret that. I think having get togethers (I love entertaining) is a great way to make sure you're keepin up your relationships!

I haven't seen that movie yet! Sometime this winter I have to catch up on a lot of movies.

Cait B. said...

Thank you Sarah, for taking the time to post about relationships. They really are vital. I am amazed at how many realtionships I have that mean so much to me.

As to the movie, I LOVE IT! It is one of my favorite films. I love movies that challenge my brain... whew! That movie sure did.


Morgan Matters said...

Miss you Sarah!!

Chavia said...

Oh man, that was just the thing I need to read. I am just beginning my photography business...I know who you are through Kristen Snyder(she is actually teaching me everything she learned from you):)
Anyways, I have been spending more than 7 hrs a day editing photos and stuff....and been realizing that its kind of consuming me, and effecting my times spent in the with the Lord, and also relationships! I really don't want that to happen. So, thanks for a great reminder! Love the title, cuz thats exactly what I'm feeling right now haha

erica said...

I love that movie!!!!
VERY good!

|| davidjay || said...

Dude! I was just watching this! How crazy! Magicians are cool.

Sarah Barlow said...

Ginger! YES! Facebook and get togethers are THE best! I don't know what I would do without them! :)

Cait, same here! I was thinking a little bit ago that I have alot of relationships that really mean alot so I have alot of investing to do!

Chavia! Oh I'm glad it helped! Wow! 7 hours editing! Apply everything Kristen teaches you! She's great at it I'm sure! I have really come to realize that the busier I get the MORE time I have to set aside for God...and family! It's hard but worth it!:)

DJ! haha! Too funny! When we finished the movie I totally thought of you cause of all the magic stuff and thought that you would like it!!:)

becca said...