Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Oh man...I don't know what I would do without retreats!! I try to take them about every 3 months or so but the past months have been so busy that I finally just went on one after 5 months which was too long! I went from being soooo overwhelmed with everything to totally knowing exactly what steps I'm going to take next and being renergized just with life!! And it only took 24 hours! It's amazing what just taking a day away from literally everything will do for you! I had a list of about 10 different things that I've been working on and got direction for every single one! God is so amazing!! Plus I went to my favorite place in the world my cousins house out in the country where it is just so peaceful and I can just look up in the open sky and dream! It's so incredible! I think the more busy I get the more of these I'll have to take..but I definitely don't mind because it really draws me closer to God and so focused on what I need to accomplish in this life! I'm EXCITED!! :)
Here's for a little laugh..the other night we had a big birthday party for my brother Andrew and near the end had a little dance party! I danced with my best friend's brother Josiah...who when we were little both refused to ever dance so everyone thought this was too funny to finally get us on the our mad dancing skills! LOL!


Dawn & Bob said...

Way too much fun! I would love to go on a retreat! I'm glad you're refreshed!!! ~ Dawn

Ginger Murray said...

haha!! You looked great.
I love dancing, but I'm pretty uncoordinated:)

Braeden Rogers said...

If we ever meet up I will teach you how to swing dance lol... myself and some friends now and again go out and swing. Its good stuff.