Monday, October 01, 2007

The most beautiful day of the year!

That's pretty much the only word I could come up with for this wedding! I absolutely love Rebecca and Jeff...ever since we first sat down and met at their client meeting I knew that their wedding would be beyond incredible and after shooting their engagement pics I got even more excited! suspicions were proven true! On the day that is historically know as the most beautiful day of the year they got married and it stayed historically correct for sure! The love that these two show for each other and for everyone else made me laugh and almost cry throughout the whole day it was incredible! They are two of the most fun and funniest people I have ever met so the two together makes for one amazing match!
Here is their adorable slideshow!!

This was my last wedding of the season which I'm sort of sad about...but it will be a nice break.. I don't have any till winter so this was the best way to go out with a bang!!!!! :) I love it!!
PS..Rebecca told me that they are very competitive when it comes to blog comments so let's see how many we can get!! HAHA! ;)


Stacy Cross said...

HEEEY friend!

Well, let me be the FIRST to say that these are WONDERFUL. What a beautiful couple! And I adore your use of light on this wedding - just so classy. :)

Morgan Matters said...

Thanks for everything and letting me tag along Sarah! What a beautiful day, documented by beautiful photos.

BethLaurren said...

I second Morgan on the thank yous and yeah...these photos are absolutely amazing. They were a fantastic couple!!

joanne said...

Awesome pictures in the field. I wanna do that! Blessing to both of you for a long and happy marriage.


Kerry's sister

Ginger Murray said...

Those are incredible, Sarah!

I have so many favorites... I bet they are THRILLED with these pics!

lovelypolarbear said...

Hello! Great photos! I got link to your log thru Bob's website. Great work and I hope to see more of your work in the future! :o) I'm starting out too and I've been encouraged by so many awesome photographers' bloggers... take care! ps. what type of equipments do you use??? and how do you get that light effect? gorgeous!

jamiedelaine said...

Such a cute song. Loved the slideshow

A-Train said...

What software do you use to make the flash slideshows? I'm a fellow photographer and am looking for website/blog ideas.


PS - your work is wonderful!

Sarah Barlow said...

HEY Stacy! Thanks so much!! I miss you! :)

Morgan abd Beth!! YOU two are just amazing! I can't wait to look at your pics! I love you both so much!

Sarah Barlow said...

lovelypolarbear! hehe! Thank you so much! Sooo awesome that your getting into photography! You will love it so much! I use all Canon gear..the canon 5D and a bunch of lenses especially L lenses:) I LOVE lens flair so I like to shoot the people with the sun in the background alot! It's sometims challenging but I always love the result:)

Sarah Barlow said...

a-train! Thank you so much!! Welll..the slideshows are created with the most amazing program called ShowitWeb it's incredible and takes me only about 10 minutes to make the slideshow! It's wonderful! You can get it at :) I hope that helps!

PhotOle said...

love the photos

Shannon said...

Great photos and what a beautiful smile the bride has! Looks like it was an amazing day!