Sunday, October 14, 2007


That is definitely the word that describes this past weekend! It has been absolutely incredible! I'm out here for my AMAZING friend's Justin and Mary's wedding. They are two incredible photographers from here in Connecticut that I met back in May and just fell in love with them! I totally couldn't pass it up when they invited me out to their wedding!! And boy am I glad I didn't miss it! The night before for the rehearsal dinner we all headed out on an old fashioned train, that looked like it was from some movie, to a river boat that took us for a nice tour of the Connecticut River. It was gorgeous and getting to meet all Justin and Mary's friends was wonderful too..especially because like 1/2 of them are photographers! haha!
Yesterday, was their wedding which went off without a hitch! It was the most spectacular day with only lighting that a photographer can get on their wedding day! haha! They had it at this wonderful little quaint church and then the reception at this HUGE mansion right on the ocean! Everything was like a dream, every little detail planned out so perfect! I got a couple shots at the wedding that I'll post soon but my card reader broke so I'm kinda stuck right now! lol...but until then check out DJ's always amazing pics on Justin & Mary's blog...and give them some love too!! I also got to hang with the hilarious Becker and also Matt Grazier who were also there shooting the wedding! Check out their blogs for some awesome pics coming up too!! :) We're heading out to New York tomorrow which I'm SOOO super excited about because I've never been to NYC before! Should be a blast! I love you all so much!
PS..the picture at the top I took tonight downtown Mystic which is such an adorable little quaint town! It like you stepped right into the 1800's! :)


J@KE said...

sounds like you're having fun on another photographic adventure. Hope all is well with your family.... It seems I never come over any more. I will eventually need to come and get my movie that I left there last time so at least I have that excuse. LOL. Did Jen watch it?

Anyway have fun and as always I love the picture!


Grazier Photography said...

Wish I could have met you there - sounds like the wedding was a blast! Enna

Grazier Photography said...

It was great meeting and hanging with you Sarah. I hope to bump into you more often!
~Matt Grazier

Sarah Barlow said...

Jake! Yeah, you HAVE to come over dude! Maybe we could just watch the movie over again! haha! I think Jenny did watch it..I'm not sure though..:)

Enna! I wish I could have met you too! Are you coming to PhotoPlus? :)

Matt, So great meeting you! I had a great time watching you all shoot;) haha! INCREDIBLE shots on your blog BTW!

Mark Barlow said...

Yo J@ke, i think Jen still has the movie. you should bring another one to watch and pick up your old one!