Thursday, October 25, 2007

Justin & Mary!!

Finally!! Some pictures from Justin and Mary's incredible wedding! This was one of the most fun weddings I've been! Maybe because I was actually a guest!! It's always fun to get all dressed up and not HAVE to work if you don't want! It was wonderful! Justin and Mary are some of THE most genuine and loving people I have ever met! Right when I met them I felt like I was there best friend! They are truly better together and have already accomplished so much even before they were married! I can't wait to see how they change the world now that they are married! Amazing! :)
Here are some pics from the wedding!

Whew that was a lot of pictures!! haha! As you can see they are an incredible couple!!
PS..ahh! I LOVE my life! And seriously love living spur of the moment! I'm heading out of town tonight...(just found out) until Monday to go on tour with my cousins to 4 different states! Sooo excited!! I have to pack in like 1/2 an hour! ahh!! I love you all!!


Kevin Keith said...

That is the best guest photography I have seen at a wedding:) Great work!

Emily DeWan Photography said...

Love the first two: so adorable!

Ginger Murray said...

I love the first one! Mary looks so genuinely happy!
Kevin's right! Anyone should want to invite you to their wedding, knowing you'd be sneaking some shots here and there! You should be a professional guest photographer... ha!:)A lot less pressure than being the lead, and you still get great shots. Sounds like a good time to me!

|| davidjay || said...

These are so amazing!!! I love them!

Carla Ten Eyck said...

Did you take these with that super cute little point and shoot you had on the train? LOL! Beautiful stuff! I had a blast tearing up the dance floor with you... have a wonderful trip!