Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tour Journal - Minnesota

Well...this morning I woke up to a MUCH more beautiful sight...Lake Superior! It is very weird going to bed one night and waking up the next morning somewhere completely different but not seeing the whole travel in between! It's pretty fun!
We are in the adorable town of Duluth, Minnesota! It's a cute little harbour town and reminds me alot of Mystic, CT where I was last week! I absolutely LOVE towns that are on the water there is just something so calming about it!
We went shopping this morning because it's absolutely unreal outside and then hung out on the street and talked with a bunch of the bands for awhile! I love this life!

Lasts nights show was AWESOME! The crowd was seriously incredible and much more than I expected for a place litterly in the middle of nowhere! I got some really fun shots and I'll make a slideshow when I get home of all my favorites but here are a couple....
I actually did a super daredevil photography stunt and walked out on the catwalk above the whole concert to get some shots! One of the security guards asked if I wanted to get some shots from up there..and so as not to be a scaredy cat I accepted. I was kinda freaked out at first but once I was up there it was incredible!

It was so hilarious yesterday use up some time we played football out in the parking lot and let me tell you...I will DEFINITELY never quit my day job for it..but I'm pretty good!;) lol!! Except I almost broke my fingers so that wasn't fun!
Tonight's show should be amazing! They actually had to get a bigger venue because the first venue sold out! This place is actually a skating rink that they just put boards over so it's kinda cold but it's huge so this should be fun!!
I gotta run and read for awhile! I love you all!


Natalie Joy said...

hahahhahahahaah wow. I seriouly could not stop laughing at that last pic. and the ones from up high were AWESOME! lol wow.... I love beka.:P

Erica said...

Love the last pic--wuts lauren's shirt say?

Bekah said...

Love the pics! The last one has got to be my fav though! It's too funny!

joy n. said...

I love Duluth!! I grew up going there every year to see my grandparents... each year it gets more charming :)

Love the football pic. Too cute.

I think you need to be posting the picture of your wedding dress that we found... absolutely gorgeous.

I had so much fun with you :)

Leezer said...

Duluth is an amazing place...glad you appreciate MN, or at least that part of it. :)
You are brave to have gone up on that catwalk; congrats on not falling!

BethLaurren said...

Hahah! I love the last photo! I can't imagine how much fun you're having!

Emily DeWan Photography said...

I'm so jealous you got to shoot from a catwalk!

Damion & Julie Hamilton said...

Hey was that Toby Mac in the first shot? You are so brave...I don't think I could have braved the catwalk!

Sarah Barlow said...

haha! Yeah, the catwalk was scarry but fun!! :)

Joy!!! Ahhh! Somehow I can't find the picture! I think someone deleted it!! UGH! OMG! I had THE best time with you too! Love you so much!

Yeah! That is Toby in the first picture! He totally rocked the night!