Friday, October 19, 2007

Girl time!

After hanging out with DJ and Paul the past week, Wednesday night I got to switch over to some MAJOR girl time! lol! My friend Kristen came in with her friends, Lydia and Natalie for PhotoPlus here in New York! And let me tell you we are having GIRL TIME! We booked a room for the New Yorker and got here pretty surprised when we opened the door to the door hitting the bed and my suitcase not being able to fit through the walkway! The room is pretty much all bed! lol! Soo we just pushed both beds to make a giant extra large king bed! :) We have had the best time ever and I will post my pics when I get home and have my CARD READER!! ugh! lol! But until then read Kristen's wonderful **post** about yesterday!! We're heading out again for some more fun then I'm heading home tonight:( But I'm excited to see my family!!
I love you all!!


BethLaurren said...

come home! I miss you so much and can't WAIT to hear more stories of your trip!!!

Ginger Murray said...

cuuute photo!!

Morgan Matters said...

Sarah I am soooo mad at you! I thought you said you were going solo to New York :( ahhhhhhh I am sad. But its ok, post pics! I wanna see!

Lydia said...

you are the awesomest.
can't wait till december to see you again!!